Would You Enroll Your Kid In Baby DJ School?

By | 10 Comments

Teaching toddlers how to cut and scratch.


Orlando Shaw, Man Who Fathered 22 Kids With 14 Women, Might Get A Reality Show

By | 31 Comments

Orlando Shaw, the man who fathered 22 kids with 14 women, claims to have signed a deal for his very own reality show.


Deranged Man Demonstrates How A Parent Shouldn’t React To A Child’s Whiny Facebook Wall Post

By | 14 Comments

The way parents discipline their kids now: with reactionary YouTube videos titled "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen" filled with guns and hollow-point bullets and shot-up laptops posted to their child's Facebook wall.


Who Needs A Pacifier If There’s Pot?

By | 9 Comments

Of all the screwed-up people committing chaos and making daily headlines, "Mom charged with teaching 2-year-old to smoke pot" might actually be the most frightening.

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