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Mike Huckabee Addressed His Beyoncé Comments And Attacked Obama’s Parenting Style

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During his 'This Week' interview on ABC, Huckabee clarified his suggestion that Jay-Z was a pimp and ridiculed Obama's parenting style.


Kelly Ripa Is Not Here To Make Friends, She’s Here To Be A Mom

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For some reason, it is shocking that Kelly Ripa wants to be a mother to her children and hold them accountable for breaking the rules.


Here’s A Father Actually Having To Tell His Son: ‘You Can’t Hit People Because You Want Pancakes!’

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You shouldn't have to be told, at any age, not to punch people because you want pancakes.


Adam Pally: ‘Being A Dad Sucks. But, It’s Also Great. But Really It’s The Worst.’

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Adam Pally admits that there are times when he wants to throw his baby out the window and drive away.

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Louis C.K. Gave Jimmy Fallon Some Truly Uninspiring Parenting Advice On The ‘Tonight Show’

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Louis C.K. went on The Tonight Show to hand out parenting advice and talk about the time he thought Jimmy Fallon was dead.


This Breastfeeding Dads Project Is Somehow Not An April Fools Joke

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Project Breastfeeding was started as a campaign to educate men and remove the stigma of public breastfeeding. Who doesn't like boobs?


Watch Stephen Colbert Take On The Huffington Post’s Article About Child Reincarnation

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The Huffington Post recently published an article on the past lives of children. it is insane. Stephen Colbert weighed in.


Quit Judging Kim Kardashian People! She’s A Hard Working Mom And Stuff!

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These critics of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just need to stop. They are parenting just the way they need to according to their hard working lifestyle.


Dad Tricks Toddler Into Eating Vegetables


Never underestimate the ingenuity of a father tasked with feeding his child.


Of Course Snooki Wrote A Letter To Kate Middleton Offering Baby Advice

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Former Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi wrote a letter to Kate Middleton with some advice about how to handle being a new mother.


Chinese Dad Turns Himself Into a Swing


This dad will stop at nothing to make his little girl happy, even if it means turning himself into a human swing.


Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Have Named Their Baby 'North West'

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West give their baby a very peculiar name.


Mom Of The Year Consults WebMD After Son Is Shot

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Yeah, because that's the first website we think of consulting when suffering from gunshot injury.


Dad Falls For Same April Fools Prank Every Year


Jason Farmer played the same April Fools prank on his dad three consecutive years.


Father Gives Daughter Away With Amazing Speech


Good luck making it through this one with dry eyes.


Baby Gives Daddy The Stink Eye


This baby girl can barely hold her head up and she's already giving her father nasty looks.


Children Climb Wall For Candy


Avery and Logan's dad is fine with them eating candy, as long as they earn it.


Mahna Mahna: Daddy-Daughter Edition


A father and his daughter collaborate on an adorable version of Mahna Mahna.


Kid Rides Swing Propelled by Leaf Blower


When dad's arms get tired of pushing a swing, his ingenuity takes over.

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