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Here’s The Paris Hilton + Lil Wayne “Good Time” Video Everyone Was Waiting For

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And by "waiting for," we mean just wanted to see it so we could point and laugh.

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Paris Hilton And Lil Wayne Seem To Be Having A “Good Time” Together

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Remember when we were all kind of hoping that Paris Hilton signing to Cash Money was just a marketing ploy, something that would never actually lead to any music.

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Paris Hilton’s New Album Is Almost Done, Followed By Her Very First Resort

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In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Paris Hilton talked about her new dance album, the story behind The Bling Ring and comparisons to Kim Kardashian.


Lil Wayne Signed Paris Hilton To His Record Label Just Like ‘Revelations’ Said He Would

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Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne are making music together because we don't deserve nice things.


Paris Hilton Signs With Cash Money Because

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Paris and Tunechi, labelmates Hear ye, hear ye.

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David Letterman Blindfolded Paris Hilton And Made America Feel Weird

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David Letterman had Paris Hilton take a smell test for her fragrances.


Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’ Has A Trailer

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Remember a few years ago when Paris Hilton was still kind of famous for that sex tape, and she was freaking out because someone broke into her house and stole stuff and everyone thought, “Oh great, another sex tape”.

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Oh Good, Lil Wayne And Paris Hilton Recorded A Song Called 'I Wanna Bang You' Together

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Thank God. I was wondering when the song of the year was going to come out.

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Sounds Of The Apocalypse: Paris Hilton & Lil Wayne Debut Their “Last Night” Duet

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Paris Hilton's new song "Last Night" (or it could be titled "I Wanna Bang You," as TMZ reports) proves the Mayans were definitely on to something.


Two Kangaroos Photobomb Paris Hilton In The Most Fitting Way Possible


This is perfect in so many ways, but mostly that two kangaroos clearly watched "A Night in Paris."

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Paris Hilton, On Gays Who Use Grindr: ‘Most Of Them Probably Have AIDS’

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A recording of Paris Hilton discussing how disgusting gay people are, and how they all have AIDS, has made its way online, via Radar.


Bruno Mars’ Former Coke Case Prosecutor? Yeah, He Caught A Crack Charge


NYDN: "A former top Las Vegas drug prosecutor who handled the high-profile Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars cocaine possession plea deals was sentenced Monday to nine months in county jail in a felony crack possession case.

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The Hilarious (And Dead On) Celebrity Caricatures Of Cartoonist Pete Emslie

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When I was a kid, my favorite part of my family's summer trips to Walt Disney World was when my parents would be released from the detaining area after they'd try to run on restaurant checks.


Ha Ha, Paris Hilton got Canceled

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It's well-documented that Oxygen's "The World According to Paris" bombed from the get-go (something that Hilton naturally blamed on the network); therefore, it's no surprise that Oxygen is canceling the show.

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Hanging Out With Kemba Walker At AXE Lounge In The Hamptons

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If you have ever been in New York for the summer, then you know that the place to be seen on weekends is the Hamptons.


Paris Hilton Is Mad, Dumb

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There was a period of time in America where Paris Hilton garnered attention and headlines everywhere she went, thanks to the twin assault of a hit reality show ('The Simple Life") and getting stuffed in nightvision.


Pacquiao is Paris Hilton’s New BFF


In a blog post that would've gotten tons of traffic maybe six years ago, Manny Pacquiao celebrated his decision-by-way-of-inevitability victory over Sugar Shane Mosley by hanging out with socialite turned porn star turned pop culture icon turned something turned nobody Paris Hilton.


3.24 The Cooler

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