This Jeep Driver Taught A Corvette Owner A Lesson About Parking Like An A-Hole

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This Jeep driver did what everyone who has ever encountered a double-parker has ever wanted to do.


This Parking Lot Video Is Guaranteed To Spike Your Blood Pressure

By | 7 Comments

This video of a person taking four minutes to exit a parking lot is one of the most excruciating things you'll watch this week.


Parking In Russia


This footage of a parking lot in Russia just might make your head explode.


This Befuddled Man Will Never Park His Car Like A Jerk Ever Again

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After the prank that gets his pulled him on, this "jerk" will never not take up two parking spots with his car again.


Barry Zito Is The Only Person Who Can Afford World Series Parking

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I'm glad I went to a Giants game in San Francisco in August and only dropped 40 bucks instead of trying to pay for World Series parking.


Rajon Rondo Sucks At Parking

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Da’Shaun Butler was out last night with Rajon Rondo, presumably telling him how awesome he is, while they watched the team that drafted Butler blow a double digit lead to the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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