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Watch This Border Collie Perform Some Awesome Frisbee Tricks With Her Parkour Loving Owner


Meet border collie Nissa who absolutely loves showing off her acrobatic skills while playing frisbee with her parkour loving owner Kyle.


Taylor Lautner Plays A Bike Messenger Who Gets Drawn Into The World Of Parkour In ‘Best Movie Ever’

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"Where'd you learn to do parkour?" is an actual line from Taylor Lautner's new movie.

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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Announces Hiatus, Adds Two Actors From Open Casting Call

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Two actors from the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' open casting call just had their dream come true. (Plus an update on Harrison Ford.)


ESPN Busted Out Some Parkour Moves To Reveal The Brand New SportsCenter Set

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YouTube parkour star Ronnie Shalvis used ESPN's campus in Bristol as his own playground as he helped reveal the new SportsCenter set.


We Found It On Netflix: ‘Run,’ The Movie About The Teenaged Parkour Expert Jewel Thief

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"Run" is a movie about a teenager who uses parkour to rob jewelry stores and support his family starring Eric Roberts as a wine-swilling crime boss. Of course we watched it.


'Brick Mansions' Has A New Trailer With More Parkour Than You Can Handle

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The new 'Brick Mansions' trailer sets a somber mood as Paul Walker takes down RZA with his radical parkour.


Here’s The Official Parkour-Packed Trailer For ‘Brick Mansions,’ Starring Paul Walker

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In 'Brick Mansions,' the late Paul Walker plays an undercover cop who has to stop a gang from selling and/or detonating a neutron bomb.

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Rooftop Jump Nearly Has Deadly Consequences


A rooftop-to-rooftop jump doesn't go as planned, and the result is nearly catastrophic.


VIDEO: Just Another Parkour Dog Doing Barkour

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Remember parkour dog? Well, here's ANOTHER parkour dog. You can never have too many dogs that do parkour, we always say.

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The Ultimate Parkour Fail Compilation


The most entertaining and painful "free running" clips ever, all in one video.


Parkour Fail: Diving Through A Window


A young gentleman attempts to dive through an open window.

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Super Mario Bros. Parkour


If you think parkour is exciting, just wait until you see Mario and Luigi do it.


Brutal Parkour Fail


This poor guy might be the first person to simultaneously suffer a nutshot and a faceplant in the same stunt attempt.


Parkour Goat Cannot Be Contained


A five-foot fence is no match for this acrobatic goat.


Ninja Cat Deftly Avoids Kitten Attack


Just when a naive kitten thinks he has his older friend cornered, the wiser cat deftly executes a slick parkour-style escape.


Let’s Watch A Suicidal Idiot/Parkour Genius Run Up A Hill Of Molten Lava


Here's a guy running up an incline plane of flowing lava, because sometimes YOLO stands for "I'm about to die, so make sure you get it on camera.


Taylor Lautner To Enter The ‘Dangerous World Of Parkour’ In ‘Tracers’

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Life after Twilight hasn’t been exactly a huge success for Taylor Lautner, as his first non-werewolf role was a big, ol’ bomb at the domestic box office.


The Flipping Dead


What's scarier than brain-craving zombies.

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