Come On, Dude, It’s Not A Gotye Parody Unless You Paint All Over Yourself

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Maybe you should try singing an answering machine message to the 'Greatest American Hero' theme instead.


"Just Call Him KD"… Sigh.

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Kevin Pritchard may be the new general manager of the Indiana Pacers, but he’ll always be “that dipsh*t who drafted Greg Oden over Kevin Durant” to me.


Still Better Than The Karmin Version


At least it isn't <a href="" target="_blank">"Kobe Maybe"</a>.


The Carmelo Anthony Lionel Richie Parody: Way Better Than ‘Dancing On The Ceil-Lin’

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They should play this on SportsCenter and have Michael Ian Black and Mo Rocca just say sarcastic sh*t about it the whole time.


So Is Everyone In Sports Doing The Ironic Sweater Thing This Year Or What

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If I'd been smart, I would've saved the <a href="">awkward Arsenal Wishes You A Merry Christmas video</a> and paired it up with this clip of the Chicago Blackhawks making goodhearted, ironic fools of themselves for a holiday-themed white folks in Christmas sweaters <a href="">Friday Face-Off</a>.


Singing His Praise: A Look At YouTube’s Love Affair With Tim Tebow

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  If ever we hoped for God* to be a sports fan, let’s hope that he was wearing his giant foam finger yesterday as he browsed the Internet and checked the news at <a href="">the Global Language Monitor</a>.


It’s This Year’s Greatest NFL Parody Song

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Obviously, I’ve grown quite fond of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler this season due to our <a href="">new status as BFF</a>, and I was pretty upset when he injured his thumb.


A Tale Of Two NFL Parodies: ‘Don’t Ice Ice Bailey’ Vs. ‘I Could Be Your Jordy’

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By icing his own kicker in the 4th quarter on what should have been an easy game-winning field goal, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett basically took the door off the hinges and invited parody into his life.

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