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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ And Four More Popular Shows That HBO Passed On

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HBO could have had "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Walking Dead," but they passed on both, along with these three other great series.


Dip Your Balls In Ken Marino’s Best Roles Before The Debut Of ‘Marry Me’

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Ken Marino stars in the new NBC sitcom 'Marry Me,' but get to know the awesome comic actor through his best roles.


What’s On Tonight: Why Can’t ‘Party Down South’ Be ‘Party Down’?

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including "Party Down South."


Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan Hired A Female Stripper For Jane Lynch After Her Final 'Party Down' Episode

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After Jane Lynch's final "Party Down" episode, the cast got her a female stripper, and more stories from the "Party Down" cast reunion this weekend.


Adam Scott Is Fully Prepared For The Five Months Where Hollywood Gets To Jerk Each Other Off

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Our pretend best friend Adam Scott showed up dapper, enthusiastic, and a pink bowtie away from being in character to Conan last night.


Alison Brie And Lizzy Caplan Talked Clowns, Porn, And Underwatched TV Shows

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Highlights from The AV Club's interview with Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan. Clowns, porn, nudity, THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!

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Megan Mullally: The 'Party Down' Movie Has Financial Backing, And The Cast Is On-Board

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Megan Mullally went on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast and said the 'Party Down' movie has financial backing, and the cast is on-board. Also, Nick Offerman loves to perform Cypress Hill songs. I think that's important.

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Party Down With Liam Neeson In The Links


Today's links, featuring a reasonable question regarding Liam Neeson and a kitten battling the evil washing machine from his bidet fortress.


The Best Of Martin Starr’s UPROXX Live Discussion, Now With Visual Aids

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Sometimes great moments in our live discussions go unnoticed, so we've created a highlight reel of Martin Starr's UPROXX live discussion, supplemented by plenty of photoshops and helpful visual aids.


UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘NTSF:SD:SUV’s’ Martin Starr

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HEY EVERYBODY. We're having a live discussion today in the comments with Martin Starr, star of 'Freaks and Geeks,' 'Party Down,' and 'NTSF:SD:SUV.' COME GET INVOLVED.


30 GIFs To Celebrate Lizzy Caplan's 30th Birthday

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Were we ever to write an Uproxx Hall of Fame list, compiling together our favorite people and corgis, Lizzy Caplan would on it, first-ballot.


10 Shows that Netflix Should Revive Before 'Jericho'

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It's been a whirlwind year for Netflix, as it attempts to stay well ahead of the curve.

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7 Attractive People Landed Pilots This Week, Let’s Rank Them by Aesthetic Value

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It's pilot season, and pilot news is usually only good for a headlines: Network, Actor, Show Premise, Showrunner.


Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott Photobomb the ‘Eastbound & Down’ Premiere

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Over the weekend, I watched one of the "Boy Meets World" episodes with Adam Scott, in which he plays a tough guy named Griff Hawkins who all the girls (and Corey, probably) want to sleep with.

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The 15 Best TV Series on Netflix Instant

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This, our first feature post of the post-Ufford Era (*single tear*) is both broad and, except perhaps for the numbering of list, somewhat obvious if you're a TV fan.


This F**king Guy: J.K. Simmons


Every couple of weeks a Redditor subs a photo or a collage of photos of a beloved/unsung actor and simply titles the entry, "This F*cking Guy" (see also: "This.


The Best Of #Party Down

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I've been suffering from a wicked case of Party Down nostalgia/withdrawal this week thanks to the epic Alamo Drafthouse marathon (no invite, Alamo.

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There Won’t Be a ‘Party Down’ Movie

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Not content with writing incessant stories about the "Arrested Development" movie that still isn't happening, bloggers are now adding a non-existent "Party Down" movie into the pointless hype cycle.

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