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Grumpy Cat Had A Birthday Party, It Was Awful (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring pictures from Grumpy Cat's first birthday and video of another cat reacting strangely to a party favor.

party hard

Andrew W.K. Is The Face Of Playtex’s New Line Of Pre/Post Sex Wipes

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The kind of partying, Andrew W.K., is now the face and spokesperson for Playtex's "Fresh + Sexy" Wipes.


Advice That Should Have Been Obvious: Don’t Drink Liquid Nitrogen

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A teenager in England celebrating her 18th birthday found out the hard way that novelty drinks made with liquid nitrogen are not to be trusted.


Dogs Breaking The Law And Partying Hard For Friday (And Links)


Today's links, featuring a couple dogs ignoring the "no drinking" sign and a puppy who can't handle the weight of a life jacket.


Randy Travis Is Doing Great, So Ignore That Flipped Truck By The Walmart


In light of the most recent Randy Travis update, we'll have to rethink our wish to party with him. We may not be ready for this jelly.


Our 30 Favorite Pictures From This Year's Mardi Gras Chewbacchanal

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Chewbacchus held their Chewbacchanal this weekend in New Orleans, and we picked our favorite pictures for the slideshow below.


New Year’s Dogs Need A Hangover Sandwich (And Links)


The 2011 UPROXX People Of The Year Awards |<a href="" target="blank">UPROXX</a>| <a rel="attachment wp-att-53897" href=""></a>The 10 Most Insane News Stories of 2011 |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| The 100 Other Unforgettable Songs We Enjoyed |<a href="" target="blank">TSS</a>| R.


Meme Watch: Party Toddler Starts The Holiday Celebration Early

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Yesterday Redditor She also expressed dismay that so many of the captions weren't family friendly, <a href="">stating</a>: It's kind of funny, I just wish there were more appropriate ones I could show to our family.


These Dogs And Cats Have Problems


Charlie Day Interview: Wild Card, Kitten Mittens, Green Man, Milk Steak, And F*ck Yeah Tumblrs |UPROXX| Point Break is Getting a Remake, and It Won’t Be Called ‘Fast and Furious’ This Time |Film Drunk| Texts From Pawnee, Where ‘Parks And Recreation’ Hilariously [...].


Hunter S. Thompson Bought Drugs Like A Boss, Tequila Cat, And Links


Frotcast 61: Punte, Clips from Vince's Stand Up Comedy, The Val Kilmer Song Title Game |FilmDrunk| Charlie Sheen Is Not Impressed by Your Drug Jokes + Ashton Kutcher's 53-Foot Trailer |WarmingGlow| 10 Fauxgos with So Much Brand Recognition They Should Be for [...].

Amy Pond

Party Hard With The Links


Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) likes to party hard, allegedly got naked in public (and by "allegedly" we mean "awesomely".


Party Pugs Present The Links


Photos And Video Of Tornado-Decimated Joplin, MO [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] Saturday's Best Rapture Bombs [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] Dammit, Timberlake.


These Links Fought And Possibly Died For Your Right To Party


Have Yourself Some Holiday Music [ Why Are Germans Taxing Sex.

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