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The EFF Just Won Podcasting Back From A Patent Troll


Personal Audio, one of the most hated patent trolls in the country, just had its patent on podcasting revoked by a court thanks to the EFF.

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Patent Trolls Are Going After Podcasters, And You Can Stop It


Patent trolls are trying to charge your favorite podcaster for existing. But there's a way you can stop them.

patent trolls

Patent Trolls Have Bled $500 Billion From The Economy

Throw Etsy onto the patent trolling pile: they just got sued by one because they dared, DARED, to use technology that involved transmitting messages and to have investors that gave them enough money to make them a target.


ProView Vs. Apple: A Trolling Update

Recently we told you about how Apple was getting a taste of its own trolling, courtesy of a monitor maker you don't care about, ProView.


Noted Patent Troll Apple Falls Afoul of Chinese Copyright Troll

Apple has been on the patent trolling warpath recently, dragging Motorola and Samsung into court over violating things like its "slide to unlock" feature.


Samsung To Block iPhone 5 Sales In South Korea?

In case you hadn't heard, Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a bit of a pissing match over patents, and so far Samsung has been the one getting the most piss on its shoes.


Who’s Probing Google This Week?


Why is Google getting a good probing.

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