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Patent Trolls Are Going After Podcasters, And You Can Stop It

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Patent trolls are trying to charge your favorite podcaster for existing. But there's a way you can stop them.

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Patent Trolls Have Bled $500 Billion From The Economy


<a href=""></a>Throw Etsy onto the patent trolling pile: they just got sued by one because they dared, DARED, <a href="">to use technology that involved transmitting messages</a> and to have investors that gave them enough money to make them a target.


ProView Vs. Apple: A Trolling Update


Recently we told you about how Apple <a href="">was getting a taste of its own trolling</a>, courtesy of a monitor maker you don't care about, ProView.


Noted Patent Troll Apple Falls Afoul of Chinese Copyright Troll


<a href=""></a>Apple <a href="">has been</a> <a href="">on the patent trolling warpath</a> recently, dragging Motorola and Samsung into court over violating things like its "slide to unlock" feature.


Meet The Patent Troll Who Wants To Destroy The Internet


<a href=""></a>Michael Doyle is a biologist.


Samsung To Block iPhone 5 Sales In South Korea?


In case you hadn't heard, <a href="">Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a bit of a pissing match over patents</a>, and so far Samsung has been the one getting the most piss on its shoes.


Who’s Probing Google This Week?

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Why is Google getting a good probing.

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