Google Might Have A Plan To Help You Completely Avoid Seeing Spoilers On The Internet


If Google's new patent is any indication, the days of Internet spoilers might be numbered.

michael jackson

Michael Jackson Patented His Very Own ‘Smooth Criminal’-Inspired Anti-Gravity Shoes


The King of Pop wanted to recreate the magic of 'Smooth Criminal' with futuristic kicks.

#Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Has Trademarked ‘This Sick Beat’ Ensuring No One Else Can Get Down With This. Sick. Beat.


Please pursue the proper permissions from Taylor Swift's management before partying like it's 1989.


Uber Wants To Patent The Very Thing Most People Hate About It


When they're not too busy trying to take over the world, Uber wants to patent how they make so much money off of its passengers.


Amazon’s New Patent Claims It Can Read Minds, Will Ship Stuff To You Before You Place An Order

Amazon entertainingly thinks its recommendation engine is remotely any good.

seed disputes

This ‘Daily Show’ Segment On Biotech Patent Lawyers Will Make You Hate Lawyers More Than You Already Do


Last night on the Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi exposed the greedy, evil farmers who are trying to hurt biotech companies and their armies of nice lawyers.

#video games

Sony Files Patent Aimed At Killing Used Games


In anticipation of the PlayStation 4, Sony has patented technology that would allow their systems to “associate individual game discs with matched user accounts,” according to CNet.


Why The Apple/Samsung Judgement Actually Means Nothing


Apple just beat Samsung. In round one of a fight that has a thousand rounds in a thousand rings.


Jack Daniel’s Has An Eminently Sane And Reasonable Lawyer Under Its Employ, Apparently

Jack Daniel's is actually notable, corporately speaking, for their sense of humor. You do have to have one when you're a distillery located in a dry county. Lawyers for huge corporations, on the other hand, are not usually noted for their sense of humor. So it's nice to see that Jack Daniel's takes a reasonable and fairly laid-back approach to enforcing its copyrights.


Google Glass Will Stop Working If Someone Yanks Them Off Your Face

Somehow, we think worrying about Google Glasses being stolen by thieves won't be much of a concern. Thieves don't generally want to look like dorks.


RIM Takes A $147 Million Kick to the Ribs

RIM has not been having a good year, and it officially just got worse as a judge has decided that RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server software infringed on a patent held by Mformation, a company specializing in mobile device management.


ProView Vs. Apple: A Trolling Update

Recently we told you about how Apple was getting a taste of its own trolling, courtesy of a monitor maker you don't care about, ProView.


Noted Patent Troll Apple Falls Afoul of Chinese Copyright Troll

Apple has been on the patent trolling warpath recently, dragging Motorola and Samsung into court over violating things like its "slide to unlock" feature.

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