Raptors Patrick Patterson Steals Deron Williams’ Inbounds Pass, Nails Game-Winner

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Maybe that’s why D-Will has been coming off the bench lately.


Kentucky Is Really Gonna Suck Next Year

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<a href=""> After the NBA Finals comes the last bit of interesting pro ball news for months on end: the NBA Draft. To little surprise, the Washington Wizards went with the no-brainer and scooped <a href="">John Wall</a> for the #1 pick in hopes he gives Gilbert Arenas proper ammunition on the basketball court.


“UK2K” – Kentucky Wildcats The First NCAA Team To 2,000 Wins

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While it's probably been some time since you've seen someone on the street wearing a <a href="">Kentucky Wildcats</a> sweatsuit to match their Air Forces, the once dominant institution is shaping back to championship form; starting the season 12-0 and becoming <a href="">the first team in NCAA history</a> (as in all sports,) to win 2,000 games.

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