Bill Belichick Is STARVING


You're probably stuck at work, so let us catch you up on the most important development of the day at the NFL Combine.

roger goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s 40-Yard Dash Time Is Only A Little Slower Than Tom Brady’s

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Could Tom Brady lose in a footrace to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a fair footrace? Quite possibly.

american sniper

Seth Rogen Compares ‘American Sniper’ To Fictional Nazi Propaganda, Twitter Responds

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Seth Rogen compared 'American Sniper' to the Nazi propaganda film in Tarantino's 'Inglorious Basterds'.


Tom Brady’s Father Calls Him ‘A Pretty Slow White Guy’ And It’s Wonderful

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Tom Brady in high school was just like Tom Brady in the NFL, except younger.


The New England Patriots Want Fans To Work On Sunday In This Clever ‘Office Space’ Parody

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Fans are also encouraged to wear a decent amount of flair. Anyone caught without will be blamed if the Patriots lose against the Colts.


Spain Wins 2012 Euros, Becomes One Of Sports’ Greatest Dynasties

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It’s not a quote-on-quote three-peat for the Spanish National Team, but their Euro 2012 victory over Italy on Sunday gave them their third consecutive major championship in a row.

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