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Look: Evan Turner Li-Ning NBA All-Star Weekend PE’s

By | 11 Comments

NBA All-Star Weekend has long been a prime opportunity for ballplayers to showcase one-off player exclusive kicks.


Report: Allen Iverson Blew Through $154 Million

By | 36 Comments

As an unabashed Allen Iverson fan, this news truly hurts my heart.


Watch Monta Ellis’ 48-Point Barrage Against the Thunder

By | 12 Comments

Monta Ellis is without a doubt one of my favorite players to watch play ball.


Andre Iguodala Cuff Slam Dunk On Kyle Korver

By | 4 Comments

Andre Iguodala was unbelievable last night against the Chicago Bulls.


Spencer Hawes Was Transformed By Shawn Kemp

By | 9 Comments

One of the most amazing/mind-boggling/semi-ridiculous aspects of the Sixers' resurgence is the fact that Spencer Hawes has arguably been our best, most consistent player.

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Report: Sixers, Hornets, Grizzlies Agree to 3-Team Deal

By | 12 Comments

It's been well-known that the Sixers and Grizzlies have been talking about a deal involving Philly big man Marreese Speights going back to last year.


Phoenix Suns Sign Michael Redd

By | 10 Comments

Last night, I watched my Sixers maul the worst Phoenix Suns team in recent memory.


JaVale McGee Dunks on Sixers, Stares Down Helpless Rookie

By | 6 Comments

It may only be preseason, but JaVale McGee and his game and antics are in mid-season form.


John Wall’s Monster Crossover and Dunk on the Sixers

By | 10 Comments

We mentioned it in today's Smack, but it deserves it's own look here: In last night's preseason Wizards/Sixers game, near the end of the third quarter, John Wall dusted Evan Turner with a crossover and then unleashed hell on Craig Brackens.

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Larry Bird, Beer, And One Of The Greatest Basketball Movies Ever

By | 5 Comments

December 7th is a day to remember the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the most horrific tragedies ever inflicted upon our country.

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Sixers and Blazers Play The Team Mating Game on Jimmy Kimmel

By | 8 Comments

Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden were all on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to play "The Team Mating Game.


LeBron James No-Show During Player Intros in Cleveland is Inexcusable

By | 39 Comments

Last night in his second return to Cleveland, LeBron James was a no-show during pre-game intros.


Sacramento Sports Anchor Plays Cruel Joke on Kings Fans

By | 8 Comments

The least funny people on the planet are wacky "morning zoo" radio DJs.


Paul Pierce Dunks On all of the Milwaukee Bucks

By | 21 Comments

It's not that the dunk is so crazy that it warrants its own post - because it's not.


Charlie Sheen Pays Homage to Allen Iverson

By | 19 Comments

I didn't see the epic Charlie Sheen interview on the Today Show this morning - apparently it was incredible.


The Perfect Carmelo Anthony Trade

By | 24 Comments

When the once-inevitable Nets/Nuggets deal that would have sent Carmelo Anthony east publicly fell apart yesterday afternoon, a glimmer of hope must have shot through several NBA front offices and fan bases.


Allen Iverson and the 32,000-Person Turkish Pep Rally

By | 10 Comments

You may have seen this video of Allen Iverson's mere presence igniting an instant pep rally at a Turkish soccer match floating around on the web yesterday.

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