Take A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Rihanna, Kanye, And Paul McCartney’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Video

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Rihanna shares a look at the making of the video for "FourFiveSeconds" with Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

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Thankfully, Paul McCartney Will Not Be Co-Producing Kanye’s Whole New Album

By | 17 Comments

Kanye will not be giving up co-producer credits to Paul McCartney, despite initial reports.

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The Worst Of The Best: 6 Bad Albums By Otherwise Great Artists

By | 19 Comments

Even the best musicians are capable of putting out the occasional dud.

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Listen To Rihanna’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Featuring Kanye West And Paul McCartney

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Listen to Rihanna's new song "FourFiveSeconds" featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

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Kanye West Asked Paul McCartney, ‘What Was P*ssy Like In The ’60s?’

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Apparently this is what you talk about when you talk to a Beatle.


Who Cares If Kids Today Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is?

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It's not that big of a deal that Kanye West fans have never heard of Paul McCartney.

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There’s Another Kanye West Song Featuring Paul McCartney, Rihanna And Ty Dolla $ign Dropping ‘Soon’

By | 26 Comments

Ty Dolla $ign hints at another song with Kanye West, Paul McCartney and Rihanna coming soon.

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Listen To ‘Only One,’ Kanye West’s Collaboration With Paul McCartney

By | 89 Comments

Listen to Kanye's new song "Only One" featuring Paul McCartney.


The Evolution Of John Belushi’s Joe Cocker Impression

By | 2 Comments

For better or worse, John Belushi's impression of Joe Cocker will forever stand as a part of both men's legacies. Here's how it came to be.


Paul McCartney’s ‘Destiny’ Theme Song Gets The Video It So Richly Deserves

By | 12 Comments

Behold, what a nine-figure marketing budget gets you: A former Beatle gesticulating over dull game footage.

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Jim Jefferies Tried To Give His Niece A Surprise From Justin Bieber, But Things Went Awkward Quickly

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Justin Bieber is always willing to help out a fan, but sometimes that fan isn't willing to accept Justin Bieber. BEL

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Kanye West Is Reportedly Working On New Music With Paul McCartney

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Well, if the album's half as good as that Springsteen song with rapping, it'll be terrible.


The Luckiest Kid Ever Took An Epic Selfie With Paul McCartney And Warren Buffett

By | 4 Comments

This kid who was probably conceived while you were getting high in college got to take a selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett.

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'SNL' Recap: Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Should Kiss To Break The Tension

By | 43 Comments

A recap of last night's "SNL," with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and a million guest stars.


Paul McCartney Almost Caught A Free T-Shirt At Last Night’s Brooklyn Nets Game

By | 2 Comments

Legendary Beatle Paul McCartney wanted a free t-shirt during halftime at a Brooklyn Nets game and man, he almost had it. So close.

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