Here's Further Proof That CPAC Exists Mainly So The 'Daily Show' Can Make Fun Of It


The Daily Show gave special consideration this year to Paul Ryan for being more completely full of sh*t than anyone else in attendance at CPAC.


Thank God That’s Over: The Best GIFs And Images From Election Night


The funniest, most clever GIFs and pictures that were made on Election Night, when Barack Obama became the 45th President of the United States of America.


Bad Lip Reading: 2012 Debate Highlights

The 2012 debates receive the Bad Lip Reading treatment, and the result is predictably hilarious and absurd.


PoV: Stacey Dash, The Republican


Stacey Dash continues stumping hard for the Romney-Ryan campaign, tweeting a photo of herself with the Republican VP candidate and writing a nice blog post as well.


SNL: Vice Presidential Debate

Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam) get a little testy.

vp debate

Last Night’s Veep Debate Set To Autotuned Music, Just As Jesus Wanted It To Be

Obviously, the only way to get through this time with your sanity intact is to laugh at it all, so take it away, Gregory Brothers!


Songified: Vice Presidential Debate

The 2012 Vice Presidential Debate gets "Songified," and neither VP candidate can refrain from nodding along.

vice president

The Best Images And GIFs From Last Night’s Veep-Tastic Biden V. Ryan Debate


In which we learned Joe Biden is Jim Halpert, Paul Ryan totally crushes weights during debates BRAH, and both make for mighty fine GIFs.


Joe Biden Laughs Inappropriately

Joe Biden's game plan to laugh incredulously at everything his opponent said during the Vice Presidential Debate was wildly inappropriate at times.


The Vice Presidential Debate Summarized In One Picture, Cats Inventing Dubstep, And Links

Today's links, featuring the Vice Presidential Debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden summarized and proof that cats originated dubstep.


The Internet Reacts To The Paul Ryan Workout Photos


You have to wonder: did no one on the Romney campaign stop to think, "Gee, could posing for these photos unleash a tidal wave of LOLs at our expense on the internet?"

paul ryan

‘Do The Paul Ryan’ Might Be The Greatest Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen


You haven't seen Paul Ryan until you've seen Paul Ryan surfing in an unintentionally hilarious music video.

#jimmy fallon

Political Whispers

Political correspondent Peggy Hess (Jimmy Fallon) uses his highly sensitive microphones to listen in on what politicians say on the stage.

vintage romney/ryan stuff

Hilarious ‘Vintage’ Romney/Ryan Campaign Poster And Buttons Available On eBay

Show your support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's desire to take America back to the "good ole days" with this poster and these buttons!


Paul Ryan Finally Gets The Bad Lip Reading Send-Up In ‘Paul Ryan’s Video Diary’


Bad Lip Reading has returned with another political lip dub, finally turning their wits on Mitt Romney's running mate and potential future Vice President Paul Ryan.


Bad Lip Reading: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan's video diary receives the Bad Lip Reading treatment, and it is predictably hilarious.

#music videos

P-P-P-Paul Ryan (Music Video)

Despite political differences, they "want to get all up in his private sector.


SNL: Jay Pharoah Debuts as Barack Obama

Jay Pharoah got his first crack at impersonating Barack Obama during the cold open of last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live, discussing his race against Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam).

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