Sorry Pats Fans, But A Camel Says You Lose

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I’ve never been much of a gambler, as I wisely invest my hard-earned money in booze and blackouts.


Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad Wants You to Know Paul the Octopus Is Evil

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Surpassing capitalism, the Washington Monument, talkative taxi cab drivers, having the United States exist as something besides a nuclear wasteland and washing machines (they promote laziness and lingering bacteria) in this week's edition of 'stuff Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadeinejad hates' is our old World Cup picking buddy Paul the Octopus, whose psychic abilities have pissed off the one who is still trying to convince us he knows how to make nuclear weapons.


Argentina Should Not Have Blenders

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Roberto Pettinato is the host of a show called "A Perfect World" in Argentina, and while I think that title would be more suited for a show about Brazilian models, Pettinato apparently used it as a platform to express his opinions on the 2010 World Cup tournament.


Critics Claim Psychic Octopus A Fraud

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The sports world keeps taking hits today, as Paul the Octopus has announced his retirement from the World Cup prediction business.

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