Paul Walker’s Daughter Posted A Touching Photo On His Birthday


Meadow Walker posted this photo of her dad, Paul, on his 41st birthday.


Exploring The Curious Phenomenon Of Paul Walker Tribute Decals

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As far as we can tell, Paul Walker never said "If one day speed kills me do not cry. Because I was smiling," but that hasn't stopped people from putting it on bumper stickers.


7 Fast 7 Furious Insurance Claim Up To A Record-Breaking $50 Million

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Universal's insurance claim on 7 Fast 7 Furious has surpassed maintenance costs on Michael Bay's tiger yacht.


Roger Rodas’s Widow Sues Porsche Over Paul Walker Crash, Alleging Speed Wasn’t A Factor

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Roger Rodas's widow is suing Porsche, saying a faulty suspension was to blame for the crash, not speed.


Ice Cube Squashes Posthumous Paul Walker Beef

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People got the idea that Ice Cube was pissed that he didn't win an MTV Movie Award because of a strange quote about Paul Walker.


Paul Walker Will Be In 'Fast & Furious 7' With The Help Of Computer Wizardry

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Despite dying mid-way through the production of 'Fast & Furious 7,' Paul Walker is going to be in the whole thing.


'Brick Mansions' Has A New Trailer With More Parkour Than You Can Handle

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The new 'Brick Mansions' trailer sets a somber mood as Paul Walker takes down RZA with his radical parkour.


Here’s The Official Parkour-Packed Trailer For ‘Brick Mansions,’ Starring Paul Walker

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In 'Brick Mansions,' the late Paul Walker plays an undercover cop who has to stop a gang from selling and/or detonating a neutron bomb.


Tyrese Is Getting Over The Death Of Paul Walker With Some Emails From God

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Tyrese told Arsenio Hall that he's getting over the death of Paul Walker with the help of some emails from God that told him to go to Dubai.

#Fascinating Facts

Let’s Look Back Fondly On ‘Varsity Blues’, Which Turns 15 Years Old Today

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Get the truth behind Ali Larter's whip cream bikini and nine more facts about this high school gridiron classic.


James Marsden Picked To Replace Paul Walker In Some Nicholas Sparks Film

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In the wake of Paul Walker's death, Relativity has picked James Marsden to replace him in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's 'The Best of Me.'


Paul Walker Died “Almost Instantly” According to Autopsy

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According to the autopsy report obtained by TMZ, Walker was killed "almost instantly" in the fatal car wreck.


Vin Diesel Announces Fast 7 Release Date, Posts Photo of Final Scene with Paul Walker

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Fast and Furious 7 has a release date, at least according to Vin Diesel's Facebook page which is never wrong.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Will Not Replace Paul Walker In ‘Fast And Furious 7′

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Despite some very strange and poorly-timed rumors, Universal denies that Justin Bieber will replace Paul Walker in 'Fast and Furious 7.'


A Scottish Man’s Car Caught Fire During A Tribute To Paul Walker

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In possibly the worst Paul Walker tribute imaginable, a Scottish fan of the actor revved his engine for 20 minutes until it burst into flames.


‘Fast And Furious 7′ Will “Send Off” Paul Walker, Won’t Reboot

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Filmmakers forced to find a way to deal with Paul Walker's character.


Tila Tequila Knows The Truth About Paul Walker’s Death


She seems to be in the midst of some sort of Anti-Semitic meltdown (the most entertaining of meltdowns).


Tila Tequila Knows the Truth About Paul Walker’s Death

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Tila Tequila, who seems to be in the midst of some Anti-Semitic meltdown, says she knows the truth about Paul Walker's death. And also that she sympathizes with Hitler.


Two Men Arrested for Souveneering At Paul Walker’s Death Site

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Two men were arrested for stealing Porsche parts from Paul Walker's death site. PLUS, the world's dumbest response to the Walker/Mandela deaths.

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