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Paul Wall Feat. C. Stone & Johnny Dang – “Stay Iced Up” Video

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<a href=""> What it do? Paul Wall keeps so much ice on his body, the Houston fire department allows him to moonlight as one of their own because he saves them the expenses for the equipment. When you have the Heart Of A Champion, and bank account of a Warbucks, you can promote your latest album with your business patnas drawing out the slack on the track. Someone tell <a href="">TV Johnny</a> to stay off the mic, now and forever.

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Wreck The Bells

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<a href=""> At about 1:15 a.m., on my way home from the San Bernardino stop of Rock The Bells, some gentleman in his early-to-mid 20s, sideswiped me in his M5. As karma would have it, said stumbling, speech-slurring gentleman more than likely totaled his vehicle when then he lost control of it and ran it head-on into a tree. Now pardon my lack of sympathy for said gentleman because after garbling some sort of remorse and thanking me for staying to help him, he waited for me to get my insurance papers, and promptly fled the scene. He left the fully modified $85,700 vehicle (at this point I don't know whose it is, but it was definitely beyond his means), and took off on foot, leaving me with my beloved, damaged car and his heap of six-figure scrap metal. C'mon son. Stop and think for a minute. A hit and (literally) run is worse than a DUI. And imagine if the cops found him that night; then he would have both charges to deal with along with confessing to his pops that he wrecked his car because he had a little too much Popov to drink. At this point, I still don’t know the full story because the investigation is still pending. <a href=""> But before any of this happened, I was sitting petrified in my car, praying that the man wasn’t hurt, praying with everything I had that I hadn’t caused the accident that took his life, hoping that tomorrow’s headlines wouldn’t read ‘Man Killed in Collision on 52 West.’ All I can hope for now is that the car wasn’t stolen and that the cops can trace it back to him, so I can start resolving this mess. The worst thing is that the thought of him leaving me out to dry didn’t even cross me for a second. But now, because of my blind faith in this stranger, I’m left with an ongoing police investigation, potential appearances in court and one hell of an insurance headache to deal with. Not once did it occur to me that he even could take off, much less that he would take off. All that ran across my thoughts was that my homies and the man were all going to walk away from this mess in one piece and see our families again. And so I present a song that has resonated with me, and helped me keep my wits since the accident. <a href="">Kanye West Feat. Paul Wall, T.I. & GLC – "Drive Slow (Remix)"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.

Yung Chill

Paul Wall Feat. Yung Chill – “Still On” Video

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<a href=""> Paul Wall is not afraid to take a stand in yet another music video from his substantial Heart Of A Champion long player. Everybody take your neighbor's hand and watch this clip together. Through the storm and cold or warm weather, you should be able to pick up some of the jewels <a href="">The People's Champ</a> is breaking out of his cage.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall – “I’m On Patron” Video

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<a href=""> Paul Wall is from Texas but he's subliminally saying syrup is for losers. He needs tequilla in heavy doses to get his party started. I had no idea this clip even existed until yesterday but there's plenty of comedic value to keep its Youtube hits steadily rising. Heart of a Champion? More like heart of a clown. <a href="">Paul Weezy</a> is a bona fide fool.


The Week That Was: The Secondhand Smoke Edition

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Interested in what current albums are worth listening to, buying and, conversely, those that should be avoided at all costs? Let us give you our take on a few that we managed to review this week. -- “Showin Skillz” – [...].

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“Showin Skillz” – Review Of Paul Wall’s Heart Of A Champion

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<a href=""> Come hell or high water, Paul Slayton is going to ensure he gets his money. Although his contributions to the rap game---which allowed him to reap platinum rewards in 2005---have been less than meritorious as of late, his popularity and personable charm have allowed him to gain revenue in the clothing and jewelery markets without missing a bill payment. Looking to jump back into bed with his first love of Hip-Hop, his fifth album Heart of a Champion is a U-turn in the correct direction musically. Produced primarily by <a href="">Travis Barker</a> and Beanz N Kornbread, the 14-track LP sports enough trunk rattlers and star power to squeeze a spot in nearly any rotation.

Paul Wall

Andre Nickatina Feat. Paul Wall – “Pimp Hop” Video

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<a href=""> Considering over-saturation from renown rappers and the overall abundance of MCs, seeing <a href="">Andre Nickatina</a> keep weaseling his way into regular rotation - after 14 albums - is like getting a special card in a pack of Topps Stadium Club.

The Grind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Mistah F.A.B. & DJ Scream – The Grind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste Mixtape


If there's anybody who knows <a href="">the grind</a>, its Mistah F-A-B.


Twista Feat. Tech-N9ne – “Problems”

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"People was hating, but they zippin' they lips up.


Event Recap: The 2009 BET Awards

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Approximately three weeks ago on a Monday morning, I emailed <a href="">Xilla</a> ('Nuff Respect.

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“I Grind” – Review Of Paul Wall’s Fast Life

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Grind would have to be the best word to describe the Houston Hip-Hop scene.


Paul Wall Feat. Webbie – “Bizzy Body” Video

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As first heard on his <a href="">Fifteen Minutes with TSS</a>.


“I’m An Outside Veteran…”

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Here's a couple new album joints from an artist we <a href="">recently smoked with</a>, Slim Thugga.

Paul Wall

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Paul Wall

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2005 saw the rebirth of the Houston Hip-Hop renaissance.

Paul Wall

Missed Call…

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For the life of me, I don't understand why rappers record potential single material and never put it out.

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