How The Web Gave Birth To A New Brand Of Comics

We've showered PBS with appreciation for its "Off Book" series of short documentaries on the web in the past. Today they released a new one on web comics.


PBS Explores The Evolution Of Animation

In its most recent installment of its Off Book series -- sort of a collection of cultural anthropology lessons -- PBS takes a look at animation and how it's evolved over time, right up through the modern age of the internet.

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PBS Explores The Evolution Of 8-Bit Art

Well, the good folks at PBS have done it again -- they've made another web video exploring the depths of web culture that is both highly informative and entertaining.


PBS Off Book Explores The Enigmatic World Of Reddit

Last we checked in with Off Book -- PBS's web-original series exploring internet art and culture -- they were delving into web-fueled artistic renaissance and the history of the animated GIF, each of which proved to be highly entertaining and informative, although I will never acknowledge "jif" as an acceptable pronunciation.


How The Internet Has Changed Art

One of the things we breathlessly cover here at UPROXX is the creation of art on the internet, which has provided a platform for artistic expression and creation unlike any in the history of man.


PBS(?) Delves Into The History And Evolution Of GIFs


When I ran across this video last night I was sure that it was going to be one of those annoying "old people trying to explain the internet to other old people" things, considering that it was produced by PBS.

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