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Watch ESPN’s Personalities Recite The Gettysburg Address For Ken Burns

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For the new Ken Burns documentary, 'The Address,' some of ESPN's biggest personalities delivered the Gettysburg Address in this mash-up.

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You Can Forget All About ‘Flappy Bird’ Because Sesame Street Has Created The Far Superior ‘Flappy Bert’

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Just as addictive and annoyingly impossible as the original, with the added benefit of Bert calling out for Ernie every time you misfire.

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Hear Kurt Cobain Discuss His Childhood And His Sexuality In This Lost 1993 Cassette Tape Interview


In 1993 Kurt Cobain sat down for a brief interview with Jon Savage. It was recently found on cassette tape and has been set to animation by PBS.


Okay, Fine, PBS. You And Your Baby Sea Otter Show Have Our Attention.

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PBS's "Nature" will air an episode tomorrow titled "Saving Otter 501," which will focus on an aquarium's attempt to rescue and rehabilitate a baby sea otter.


Is ‘Breaking Bad’ Too Stressful To Truly Enjoy?

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PBS wonders if Breaking Bad is too suspenseful to truly enjoy. And here you thought we at UPROXX obsessed over the show too much.


PBS’ Game/Show Argues Mario Will Be Around In 2525

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'Game/Show' is PBS' new websites about games and the cultural forces that drive them. Their first episode? How Mario will outlive us all.


‘Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?’ Could Be Returning To PBS

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PBS is hinting that they may start rebroadcasting episodes of their 90s game show "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?'


PBS Mocks Reality TV Again, This Time With Three Excellent Fake Trailers

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PBS continues to beat up on reality television. Except in the ratings.


With Leather's Watch This: The Evolution Of The Human Throwing Shoulder


Hey kids, ever wondered how guys like Aroldis Chapman and Matt Harvey have their awesome abilities to dominate on the mound like they do.

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Listen To Two Teenagers Interview Louis Armstrong In His Underwear In 1964


Here's an interview with Louis Armstrong conducted by two teenagers in 1964 that aired on their high school radio station in Illinois.

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Sing Together: A Mister Rogers Remix


PBS Digital Studios created a fun remix of Fred Rogers singing, playing musical instruments, and offering priceless advice.

New York PBS Station Wins At Advertising With Glorious Fake Reality Show Subway Ads

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1) Create ridiculous fake reality show posters, 2) Tell people they're stupid for thinking this was real show, 3) Profit?


It’s All About The Pounds, Baby: Watch P Diddy On ‘Downton Abbey’

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When P Diddy meets "Downton Abbey," we have "Downton Diddy."


PBS Avengers, ‘Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot’ As A Horror Movie, And Other Mashups

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Featured mashup videos of the week, including PBS plus 'The Avengers', Mario plus 'Metal Slug', a horrifying 'Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot', and Michael Bay's TMNT.


A Comforting Face In Difficult Times: 20 Things You Might Not Know About Mr. Rogers

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As we recover and process what took place in Boston yesterday, let's try and find some comfort in the messages and deeds of Mr. Rogers.


35 Facts About Mr. Rogers


Fred Rogers would have turned 85 years old today.


How The Web Gave Birth To A New Brand Of Comics


We've showered PBS with appreciation for its "Off Book" series of short documentaries on the web in the past. Today they released a new one on web comics.


'Ghostwriter' Was A Runaway Slave Who Was Killed By His Masters And Their Dogs … What?

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Um, why was the titular characters of the children's show "Ghostwriter" a dead slave?

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