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‘Grim Fandango’ Will Be Upgraded For PCs, As Well

By | 16 Comments

'Grim Fandango' appropriately returns from the dead to more than one platform.

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Cliffy B’s Cool New Game ‘Blue Streak’ Is Yet Another Free-To-Play FPS

By | 8 Comments

Cliffy B is back and he's... remaking 'Unreal Tournament' and trying to sell you guns in it!

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'Among The Sleep' Gets A Pants-Crappingly Terrifying New Trailer

By | 10 Comments

'Among The Sleep' is a survival horror game. You play a toddler. Oh, don't worry. It gets creepier.

coffee stain studios

'Goat Simulator' Gets The Perfect Release Date

By | 8 Comments

'Goat Simulator' is coming very, very soon to trash your stuff.

jokes becoming real

‘Goat Simulator’ Is Becoming A Real Game

By | 7 Comments

Finally, 'Goat Simulator' will make your dreams of being a goat in a video game come true.


Jay-Z Tried To Force ‘DayZ’ Developers To Change The Game

By | 3 Comments

'DayZ' developer Dean Hall gave a Reddit AMA, the best part of which was his Jay-Z anecdote. It's a hard knock life for Bohemia Interactive.

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There Are Going To Be A Lot Of Steam Machine Consoles

By | 17 Comments

There's only one Xbox One. And only one PS4. And a whole crapton of Steam Machines, apparently.

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DayZ’s “Official” Alpha Was Even More Popular Than You Think

By | 5 Comments

DayZ has put out an alpha for a standalone game... and it's a bigger hit than anyone expected.


You Can Now Download SteamOS, If You Dare

By | 8 Comments

SteamOS is officially in beta. So if you've got a high-end rig you want to completely wipe to help Valve figure out what's broken, it's your time!

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Happy 20th, ‘Doom’

By | 7 Comments

Twenty years ago, 'Doom' hit PCs, and gaming was never the same. A look back at a defining franchise, on its twentieth birthday.

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Holy Crap, ‘Star Citizen’ Has Raised A Lot Of Money

By | 9 Comments

'Star Citizen' looks to be making quite a bit of cash, and it isn't even out yet.


What SteamOS Is, And Why It Matters

By | 22 Comments

SteamOS is Valve's first step to completely changing all of gaming. But how?


Why Are The Stalwarts Of PC Gaming Going Console?

By | 17 Comments

The Steambox, the NVidia Shield, 'Diablo III' for PS3... why are PC gaming's stalwarts heading for consoles at speed. We take a look at their motives.


Steam For Ubuntu: A Five Point Review

By | 5 Comments

Steam for Ubuntu has finally arrived, and it's solid. The problem, it turns out, is that it's on Ubuntu.

unity engine

Why The Wii U Might Succeed In Bringing PC Gaming To The Living Room

By | 4 Comments

With licensing the Unity Engine, much of what Nintendo is up to is starting to become clear.

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Epic Thinks Piracy of "Bulletstorm" to Blame for Low PC Sales, Not Crappy Port

By | 8 Comments

Bulletstorm was <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2012/01/bulletstorm-is-the-best-game-of-2011-you-didnt-play">one of the best games of 2011</a>, in our humble opinion, but it didn't sell well, especially on the PC.

pc gaming

The PC Version of Alan Wake Starts Turning a Profit After Only Two Days


So, anybody pick up Alan Wake when it came out last week.


“Serious Sam 3″: The Review


Recently, I got into an argument with a friend of mine over first-person shooters.

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