I'm assuming the majority of you didn't even know Jamie Foxx had a music career before he kicked "Slow Jams" with Kanye Titta and Twista back in 2004. Funny thing is, I have a feeling the fantastic Mr. Foxx didn't either. After the transitioning actor found out eleven years prior that unsubliminally awesome album titles like Peep This don't sell records by themselves and subsequently moved on from his childhood passion, the burgeoning actor found himself on the receiving end of a game-changing alley-oop from the hands of the young son of Chicago, who would ultimately change the face of the soul genre that Jamie had once himself once tried to conquer. Ever since, the man who vicariously won awards for the late Ray Charles peruses his way onto pretty much any high-profile industry release without a hitch. Which leads me to one question; Is Jamie Foxx really as talented a singer/songwriter as his resume reads, or did he just come across the perfect outliers to slide into a prime spot as the entertainment industry's Bo Jackson? The past week or so has been consumed by the sounds of Sir Lucious Left Foot and amongst nothing but choice material, the only song I skip is the Foxx-featuring "Hustle Blood.