Penguin Pees On Bride


A couple tries to include a penguin in their wedding photos.


Clumsy Penguin Compilation


It's not always easy being a penguin.


Sea Lion Chases Penguins


A sea lion tries to run down its breakfast.


The Norwegian Army Discovered The Harlem Shake, Everyone Else Best Step Up Their Game

By | 2 Comments

The Norwegian Army has discovered the Harlem Shake, and they've raised the bar for all future Harlem Shake videos.


Life Imitates ‘Parks': Texas School District Cancels A Play About Gay Penguins After Local Uproar

By | 18 Comments

In a case of life imitating "Parks and Recreation," a Texas school district has canceled a play about male penguins raising a baby after a local uproar.


Penguin Wears a Wet Suit


Ralph the 13-year-old penguin is not like the rest of the colony at Marwell Wildlife.

#Star Trek

Seven of Nine, No!


Happy Star Wars Day.


Dirk the Penguin recuperating after being kidnapped by drunks

By | 10 Comments

Dirk the Fairy Penguin is recuperating at his home at Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast today after being kidnapped by drunks in a Hangover-style prank and nearly fed to sharks.


Penguins Fly First Class On Delta


I know this is gonna be hard for some of you to believe, since I come off as such a baller and all, but I've never flown first class in my life.


Is a Baby Penguin Tougher Than You?


When one considers the words "courage" and "fortitude", the words "adorable baby penguins" don't spring instantly to mind.


A Robot Penguin? Why, Japan? Just…Why?

By | 4 Comments

Normally, when Japan comes up with some weird robot, it's not totally lame.


Bee Mystery Solved, Toddlers Online, and The Original Justin Bieber

By | 2 Comments

In the past four years, twenty to forty percent of bee colonies in the U.


Penguin with a Penguin Backpack

By | 15 Comments

When the Japanese aren't busy penguin backpack on his trips to the fish market.

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