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This Michigan Frat Bro Gave A Vince Lombardi-Esque Speech To Tailgaters Before The Penn State Game

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Prepare for some serious laughs as this Michigan frat bro gives a pregame speech for the ages.


There’s A Chipotle Crisis At Penn State And Everybody’s Losing Their Burrito-Loving Minds

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A Chipotle has closed at Penn State and people aren't taking the news very well.


This Preakness Bro Is Writing A Book And Will Straight Up Kill You With UFC

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A hero at the Preakness Stakes caught this drunk bro on camera, as he was bragging about the book that he's writing and how he 'does UFC.'

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Grab Your Parka, We’ve Discovered The Coldest Brown Dwarf Yet!

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Astronomer Kevin Luhman has found a brown dwarf star only 7.2 light years away, the coldest ever discovered. And it is actually cold.


Behold, The Animated Penn State Christmas Lights Display That Blinded And Infuriated A Neighborhood

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A man in Pennsylvania put together an animated Penn State Christmas lights display set to the PSU fight song.


Penn State Tries To Redeem Itself With The Epic ‘PSU Grandma Tries A Beer Bong’


PSU Grandma Tries A Beer Bong is exactly what it sounds like, although "PSU GRANDMA DOMINATES BEER BONG" also would've worked.


Penn State Is Paying $60 Million To The Young Men Jerry Sandusky Abused

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Penn State has announced that they'll be paying $59.7 million to the 26 young men abused by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.


On Time Travel And Penn State Football’s Return to Normalcy

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The 2012 Penn State football team played exactly to not only their expectations but their talent level.


Three Reasons Why Ohio University Football Should Not Be Ranked

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As I watch my alma mater, Ohio University, try to break into the college football rankings week after week this year, I feel that aggrieved pull of fandom for wanting them there.

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Al Pacino is attached to play Joe Paterno in biopic

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Al Pacino is attached to play disgraced former legend Joe Paterno in a biopic, which I thought sounded really weird at first, but then I made this Photoshop, and now I can totally see it.


Penn State Outlaws Touching, At Least The Kind Neil Diamond Sings About

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One of the great sports wishes of my adulthood has been that stadiums and arenas stop playing Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' all the time.


Stay Classy, Austin

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Here we see the latest in Austin, Texas' quest to lose all of its cool points -- shifty rape jokes on its local bar marquees.

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At Long Last, Pedobear Makes An Appearance At The Jerry Sandusky Trial


I don't know about you, but I haven't been following the developments of the Jerry Sandusky trial too closely -- mainly because I read some stuff about the opening day's testimony and it made me want to move away to an island far away from humanity's reach.


If Anything, Joe Paterno’s Death Was Convenient For Tim Curley


When asked by investigators if former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary had reported witnessing Jerry Sandusky raping a young child in team facilities, former Penn State University athletic director Tim Curley said no.


Joe Paterno Has Technically Been Laid To Rest

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Today marks the third and final day of memorial services for former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who passed away on Sunday.


Penn State Update: Mike McQueary Is Testifying Like Ralph Wiggum

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It's still not fun to make light of the Penn State abuse scandal (especially in the wake of ESPN's horrifying HANDS OFF cover), and TMZ's latest updates on what's being said during Mike McQueary's preliminary hearing testimony won't make it any easier.


Report: Urban Meyer Denies Having Bladder, Pisses All Over The Place

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Remember when we cared so much about the Ohio State White Elephant Gift Exchange Scandal that tattoo parlor operators were being sent to jail and players were getting suspended by the NFL for things they might've done in college.


‘Development’ Isn’t The Word I’d Use

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Nike's World Headquarters Campus near Beaverton, Oregon, has a child day care facility called the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.

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Here’s The Penn State Joke Supercut From Last Night’s South Park You’ve Been Waiting For

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As I watched last night's episode of South Park, which was just rife with Penn State jokes -- most of them delivered by a Child Protective Services case worker -- I thought, "I wonder how long it's going to take from someone to make a supercut of all these cracks.

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