Someone Left This Very Sad Dog At The Train Station With Only A Suitcase Full Of His Belongings

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A Facebook photo of a dog abandoned at a train station with a suitcase full of his belongings has gone viral.


New York Has Banned Pet Tattoos And Piercings Because Apparently That’s A Thing


After a Brooklyn tattoo artist posted a picture of his dog all inked up, the state has passed a law against piercing and tattooing animals.

passenger shaming

‘Passenger Shaming’ Should Be The Official Facebook Page Of Travelers Everywhere

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Next time you're seated next to someone awful on an airplane, snap a picture and share it with the folks at 'Passenger Shaming.'

people are the worst

Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery For That Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie Because People Are The Worst

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Because everything is stupid and people have the most effed up priorities, 'hand-lifts' are now a thing.


A ‘Modern Family’ Fan Was Arrested For Inappropriately Groping Sarah Hyland

By | 28 Comments

Just because someone agrees to an autograph, that does not mean you are entitled to a free grope.


People Are The Worst: Winning Bidder Of Jack Hoffman’s Trading Card Won’t Pay Up

By | 2 Comments

In perhaps my frontrunner for favorite sports moment of 2013, the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ decision to let a 7-year old cancer patient named Jack Hoffman participate in last month’s Spring Game and even score a touchdown has made an amazing impact on the boy’s life.


The 15 Miserable People Who Had The ‘Worst Christmas Ever’ This Year

By | 38 Comments

Get this: Twitter has been inundated with people who had the "WORST CHRISTMAS EVA."


20 Dipsh*ts Who Think Obama's Support For Gay Marriage Means He's Secretly Gay

By | 27 Comments

For the most part, President Obama’s gay marriage announcement yesterday, which you may have heard about, was greeted with celebration, if not “ABOUT DAMN TIME.

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