i see this ending in fire

Whoops: Bartender Sets A Customer’s Face On Fire While Preparing A Flaming Drink

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If common sense hasn't already convinced you not to order flaming drinks, maybe this will.

bad decisions

Kenny Dobbs Dunking Over A Man On Fire Is Why You Should Never Take NBA Jam Literally

By | 3 Comments

Kenny Dobbs is great at dunking. He's on fire! No, he is literally on fire because he jumped over a guy on fire to make a FIRE DUNK.


And Harlem Shook For The Final Time

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As I was checking my emails this morning, a friend had sent me a video to some other site’s “hilarious parody” of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and I didn’t watch because I’ve already watched at least 20 other parodies of that song and they’re all awful.

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