Mary-Kate Olsen And Her 42-Year-Old French Boyfriend Enjoyed A Very Normal Moment This Weekend

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Yup. Just a totally normal and unremarkable public display of affection between a 42-year-old Frenchman and Mary-Kate Olsen. Definitely not something straight out of Pepe Le Pew.

the french

Not Satire: Mike Myers to play Pepe Le Pew.

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On the heels of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Marmaduke, and Yogi Bear, Warner Bros want you to know that they aren't through putting <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/08/sexy-tagline-alert-yogi-bear-wants-to-put-it-in-your-boo-boo" target="_blank">bear juice</a> in your Boo Boo.

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