With Leather’s Watch This: Is Music The Greatest PED Of Them All?


The folks at AsapSCIENCE have made this easy-to-follow video that explains why music is such a performance-enhancer for athletes.


Stephen Colbert Defended A-Rod’s Alleged Drug Use On ‘The Sports Report’


On last night's 'Colbert Report,' Stephen Colbert defended Alex Rodriguez's alleged PED use in his typically hilarious fashion.


Anyone Can Buy Deer Antler Spray And Be Just Like Ray Lewis… Allegedly

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Prior to this week, the most I’d ever known about anything involving deer came down to: 1) Venison is delicious as long as I convince myself it’s not Bambi and 2) You can buy deer piss in hunting stores.


Ryan Braun Isn’t On PEDs, Just Mysterious Personal Medications

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Good news for fans of the Milwaukee Brewers and their whole "we're a small market team playin' so hard.


Anthony Gonzalez Is The NFL's Jose Canseco

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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez doesn't know exactly how many people in the NFL are using human-growth hormone, but when he looks at somebody and they're a lot bigger than him, he's awfully sure they're on drugs.



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In an exclusive interview with Fox Sports, Cleveland Indians' pitcher Paul Byrd admits to taking doctor-prescribed human growth hormone as recently as 2005 for a tumor on his pituitary gland that caused him to have sleeplessness.

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