Pet Adoption

The Wisconsin Humane Society Came Up With The Perfect Way To Get More Of Its Cats Adopted

By | 10 Comments

What sort of soulless monster wouldn't adopt a kitten named Professor PuddinPop, we ask?!


Someone Really Needs To Adopt The World’s Saddest-Looking Cat

By | 7 Comments

Screw Grumpy Cat. We're all about Tucker the Sad Cat.


This Is The Heartwarming Tale Of How A Rejected Shelter Dog Made It Rich

By | 3 Comments

It's a real life "Homeward Bound" story with an even happier ending.

Pet Adoption

IKEA Is Using Its Affordable Swedish Furniture Powers For Good To Help Homeless Animals Get Adopted

By | 5 Comments

Tip of the hat to IKEA, because this is a really good thing that they're doing.

Pet Adoption

Brighten Your Day With This Heartwarming Dog Adoption Ad That Really Makes You Feel The Love

By | 3 Comments

This is one dog adoption ad that will make you emotional for all the right reasons

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