Richard Linklater Celebrated 30 Years Meat-Free With A ‘Boyhood’ Parody Called ‘Veghood’

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In 1985, Richard Linklater decided to stop eating meat. Over the next 30 years, he made YouTube (and animal rights) history.


An Investigation: Was A Show Dog Murdered At The 2013 Westminster Dog Show?

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An investigation into the death of Cruz, a Samoyed who was allegedly poisoned at the 137th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


Sarah Palin Finally Responds To Critics Of Those Photos Of Her Son Stepping On Her Dog

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The former Alaskan governor is actually quite spot on for a few moments, but then it all goes to hell in a dog treat basket.


North Carolina Has Decided Against Using A Live Animal For Their Annual New Year’s ‘Possum Drop’

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PETA is working to stop the use of living opossums in Brasstown, North Carolina's annual New Year's Eve event known as 'The Possum Drop'.


PETA Members Allegedly Stole A Little Girl’s Dog And Killed It

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Members of the Animal Rights group pulled up in a van and allegedly snatched the family's dog right from their doorstep.

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PETA Is Taking One Direction To Task Over Using A Monkey In The ‘Steal My Girl’ Video

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One Direction refused to remove scenes that featured a monkey from a new music video, so PETA unleashed its wrath in a one-page ad.


PETA Is Offering A $15,000 Reward For Anyone Who Can Identify The Grand Canyon Squirrel Kicker

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After a video of a man kicking a squirrel over a ledge at the Grand Canyon went viral, PETA is offering a reward for his identity.


Jason Biggs Put Out An Expletive-Laden Anti-Sea World PSA For PETA

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Jason Biggs put out an anti-Sea World PSA for PETA, however we have conflicted feelings about it.


Peter Dinklage And Pink Are Among The Celebrities Praising Bill de Blasio's Anti-Horse Carriage Stance

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Peter Dinklage, Pink and Alec Baldwin give NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's quest to end horse-drawn carriages a shot in the arm.

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The Latest ‘Assassin’s Creed IV’ Video Walkthrough Breaks Out The Harpoon


Assassin's Creed IV finally shows off it's controversial harpooning gameplay...

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Get Hyped For UFC 161 By Playing PETA’s New Online MMA Game, ‘Cage Fight’

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For as much as we’ve made fun of PETA in the past for random things, I have to say that this latest effort to team up with actual MMA fighters is pretty cool.


Video: A Bear And Monkey Bicycle Race Ended Terribly In Shanghai

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You know how people often complain about PETA because its members seemingly spend more time putting naked Brooke Hogan in a cage, trying to convince sports teams to change their names, or chastising Chris Christie for killing a spider, when there are significantly more horrible things happening to animals around the world.


Want People To Respect Vegetarians? Say They’re Exactly Like Manti Te’o

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Here's something important you should know about me: I'm a vegan.

Warner Bros.

The Hobbit accused of killing 27 animals, they probably died of boredom

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Animal wranglers are accusing Peter Jackson and Warner Bros of negligence that caused the deaths of 27 animals during the filming of The Hobbit.


PETA’s Latest Protest Target: Pokémon

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PETA always blurs the line between charitable work and incredible trolling.

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Three Reasons Rap Is Always Better When Kanye West Is Around

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Kanye West picked the week of Easter to resurrect rap and we're all better for it.


12.27 The Cooler

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