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50 Questions About Pete Campbell’s New California Storyline On ‘Mad Men’

By | 30 Comments

Pete Campbell is in California on this season of "Mad Men." We have many, many questions.

Mad Men

Here’s A Supercut Of Pete Campbell From ‘Mad Men’ Ranting And Raving Like A Mad Man

By | 10 Comments

A supercut of highlights from Pete Campbell's rants during this season of "Mad Men."


‘Not Great, Bob!’: Here Are The Internet’s Best Reactions To The ‘Mad Men’ Season Six Finale

By | 47 Comments

And now -- just before we descend into full-on Mad Men withdrawal -- it's time for some Sterling, Cooper, and Partners levity.

Mad Men

Pete Campbell Bear Attack Update: Now More Plausible Than Ever

By | 27 Comments

Look at the evidence. It could still happen. Especially after last night's episode.

Mad Men

Vincent Kartheiser Says Pete Campbell Was Afraid Of Getting Beaten Up By Bob Benson

By | 11 Comments

In a recent interview, Vincent Kartheiser says Pete Campbell didn't explode after the Bob Benson incident because he was afraid of getting beat up.


Okay … But What If Pete Campbell Gets Eaten By A Bear?

By | 48 Comments

No, seriously. What if a bear just strolls into the office and eats Pete Campbell. How great would that be?


Here’s The GIF Of Pete Campbell Falling Down The Stairs You’ve Been Looking For

By | 15 Comments

Let's celebrate Pete Campbell falling down the stairs in all its glory right now, shall we?

game of thrones

Who’s More Punchable: Pete Campbell Or Joffrey?

By | 64 Comments

Let's solve this once and for all: who do you want to punch more, Pete Campbell on "Mad Men" or Joffrey on "Game of Thrones"?


15 Plots We Don’t Want To See In The Sixth Season Of ‘Mad Men’

By | 19 Comments

With "Mad Men" season six right around the corner, here are 15 stories the AMC series should never tell.


‘Mad Men’ Season Six Official Promo Pictures: Pete Campbell Has Sideburns Now

By | 24 Comments

The first promotional pictures from the sixth season of "Mad Men" are out, and HOLY CRAP Pete Campbell has sideburns now.

Mad Men

Pete Campbell Gets Punched In The Face A Lot In Real Life, Too

By | 23 Comments

It turns out the actor who plays Pete Campbell on "Mad Men," Vincent Kartheiser, just punched in the face just as much as his on-screen counterpart.

Mad Men

Guy Who Plays Pete Campbell Acknowledges The Extreme Punchability Of His Face

By | 6 Comments

If there's one thing that the internet picked up on early in regards to Mad Men's Pete Campbell, it's that he has an exceedingly punchable face.

Mad Men

Whatcha Say, Pete Campbell

By | 13 Comments

Inspired equally by <a href="">this mash-up</a> <a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-80935"></a>from the Videogum comments, TV Hangover's <a href="">heroic look back</a> at Season 1 of "The O.


'Gilmore Girls' Creator Says Alexis Bledel Has 'Good Boobs'

By | 18 Comments

A few weeks ago on "Mad Men," noted sh-tweasel Pete Campbell had a fantasy about a woman he was lusting after (played by Alexis Bledel from "Gilmore Girls") showing up at his office half-naked after reading about him in the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

Mad Men

Jaguar, Summarized: Don't Worry Everybody, We're Not Creeps

By | 14 Comments

On this week's episode of "Mad Men," a sleazebaall Jaguar dealer used his leverage in the voting process to weasel his way into spending a night with Joan.

pete campbell

Mad Men Discussion: Mr. Belding Does Not Care For Your Cool Whip Pitch

By | 25 Comments

I can't wait for the next time one of my UPROXX overlords calls me -- I'm just going to yell, "Pizza House.

pete campbell

Mad Men Discussion: A ‘Grimy Little Pimp’ Got KTFO Last Night

By | 58 Comments

OMG where do I even begin with this week's episode -- which was directed by John Slattery, btw.

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