Ronda Rousey Will Team Up With ‘The Raid’ Star Iko Uwais For A Peter Berg Film

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Ronda Rousey's next film project features her and star of 'The Raid,' Iko Uwais, teaming up to kill everything in sight.

six billion dollar man

Mark Wahlberg Has Some News About ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’

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The actor briefly discussed the project during press for 'The Gambler.'


Mark Wahlberg Will Be ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’

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It's official, Mark Wahlberg is The Six Billion Dollar Man in the remake of 'Cyborg' AKA 'The Six Million Dollar Man'.


Marky Mark Wahlberg May Be The Next ‘Six Million Dollar Man’


Universal is hoping he can take a break from thinking up ways he would've stopped 9/11 to star as the next Steve Austin.


HBO Greenlights Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Ballers’ Series Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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HBO has given Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson's 'Ballers' a series order. Time to put movies in their Reahview.


Weekend Box Office: Lone Survivor Opened A Case Of Butt Whippin

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'Lone Survivor' earned $38.5 million over the weekend and would be a huge hit for Universal if they hadn't passed on financing it.


Lone Survivor Review: I Am Peter Berg’s Jingoist Erection

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Like Amy Adams says in Her, "falling in love is like this socially acceptable form of insanity." In Lone Survivor you just have to remember that Peter Berg is in love with America.


Ben Foster Ate Handfuls Of Dirt During ‘Lone Survivor’ Because He Said It Would Protect Him

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Ben Foster ate handfuls of dirt on the set of 'Lone Survivor' because he said it would protect him. Actors, man.

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Peter Berg And Dwayne Johnson Have Discussed A Sequel To ‘The Rundown’

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While discussing his new film, 'Love Survivor,' Peter Berg claimed that he's talked to Dwayne Johnson about 'The Rundown 2.'


Mark Wahlberg loses his sh-t over actors comparing themselves to soldiers

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Mark Wahlberg loses it over actors comparing themselves to soldiers at the Lone Survivor premiere and goes on a five-minute tirade.


About Vince Gilligan’s Fight With The Creator Of ‘Friday Night Lights’ Over The Movie ‘Hancock’…

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Peter Berg discusses the beef he had with Vince Gilligan over the script for 'Hancock,' the Will Smith movie Berg directed.


Okay, seriously, what’s up with all the Rapture scripts?

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Volcano, Dante's Peak; Deep Impact, Armageddon; No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits; The Prestige, The Illusionist - that ideas come in twos in Hollywood is nothing new, but seriously, this rapture thing has gotten out of hand.


Renny Harlin’s Hercules 3D will Dante’s Peak Brett Ratner’s Volcano

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A few months ago, we found out that Brett Ratner would be wheezing Cheeto crumbs and leaving nacho cheese fingerprints all over the script for Hercules, with the lead role to be played by The Rock, in a "graphic-novel-based" film produced by Peter "JOIN THE ARMY, MOTHERF*CKER" Berg.

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The Rock is playing Hercules in a Brett Ratner movie

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Dwayne the Rock Johnson is one of the most likable and charismatic media personalities around and Brett Ratner is Hollywood's most successful ass-kissing social climber, so it was probably inevitable that they'd one day cross paths (artist's conception above).


Here Is Everything Rihanna Says in 'Battleship'

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Did you think we were done with But that's not what we're here for.


Peter Berg calls Israeli interviewer a draft-dodger in probably the best interview ever

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I can't tell if this clip of Peter Berg on an Israeli talk show (hat tip: Pajiba) makes me like him less or more, but I'm leaning towards more.


New Battleship Clips: A Warning From Rihanna And Brooklyn Decker’s Quest For A Burrito

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We don't know which is weirder: that Universal sunk over $200 million into a movie about the board game battleship or that it opened in the #1 spot in 24 out of 26 countries overseas.

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