Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones Are The Creepiest ‘Cute’ Thing On The Internet


The internet loves cute animals and odd novelty gifts, so it was only a matter of time until someone came up with the cute-yet-completely-bizarre Cuddle Clones.


This Man Loved His Goldfish So Much, He Paid $460 For Its Life Saving Constipation Surgery


The pricy and special surgery involved an intense three-person operation to remove a constipation-causing blockage.


New York Has Banned Pet Tattoos And Piercings Because Apparently That’s A Thing

After a Brooklyn tattoo artist posted a picture of his dog all inked up, the state has passed a law against piercing and tattooing animals.


Your Dog May Live A Longer, Better Life Thanks To A New Use For A Common Drug


A commonplace drug might be the key to healthier, happier dogs.


Here, Have A Good Cry Watching These Kids Get Reunited With Their Missing-For-Two-Months Cat


There are probably fewer joys in life greater than being reunited with a long-missing pet. To wit...


We Demand A Recount For The Winners Of The 2014 X-Ray Contest For Animals


From socks to light bulbs, the entrants and winners of this year's Veterinary Practice News 'They Ate WHAT?' contest will have you grinning.


This Woman Has Been Eating Pet Food For A Month To Promote Ingredient Awareness


A pet store owner in Washington has been eating pet food since June 19 to prove that ingredients count for animals and humans.


A Love Song For Taylor Swift And Her New Kitten Named After A ‘Law & Order’ Character


Taylor Swift shared a photo of her new kitten named for a 'Law & Order: SVU' character, so here's a song about their eventual breakup.


You Can Almost Feel The True Love In This Pug Wedding Ceremony

A woman in England threw a pretty fancy wedding ceremony for her pet pugs, Betty and Albert, over the weekend.


Bill Goldberg Adopted A Pet Goat And Gave It The Best Possible Name


Former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg and his wife adopted a pet goat from her trainer and gave it an awesome new name.


Barkwatch (Dog ‘Baywatch’ Parody)

What's better than the opening theme to Baywatch? The opening theme to Baywatch with dogs.


Dog Steals Chicken Nuggets From Toaster Oven

Lucy the beagle will stop at nothing to get her paws on some warm chicken nuggets.


Mouse Decorates Christmas Tree

Someone taught their pet mouse to decorate a tiny Christmas tree. And it is adorable.


Dogs Wearing Glasses

The funniest clips of dogs wearing glasses, all in one video.


The Best Cat Videos Of 2013

This year's most entertaining clips of funny cats, all in one video.


Elf (Pug Edition)

Modern holiday classic Elf gets reenacted by a cast of adorable pugs.


Anchorman: Cat Edition

Cats reenact some of the best moments from Anchorman.

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