Dogs Wearing Glasses

The funniest clips of dogs wearing glasses, all in one video.


The Best Cat Videos Of 2013

This year's most entertaining clips of funny cats, all in one video.


Elf (Pug Edition)

Modern holiday classic Elf gets reenacted by a cast of adorable pugs.


Anchorman: Cat Edition

Cats reenact some of the best moments from Anchorman.


Woman Kicks Snow On Cat, Immediately Regrets It

A woman tries to scare away a cat by repeatedly kicking snow on it.


Water-Loving Dog Refuses To Swim

Whether this dog is afraid to swim or just smarter than her over-working peers, she's perfectly content to wade in the shallow water.


The Best Dog Vines Of 2013

Dogs taught us so much this year.


Cheetah And Dog Frolick Together In The Snow

Savanna the cheetah and her dog friend Max play in the snow in the cheetah yard at the Cincinnati Zoo.


Dogs Playing In Snow Compilation

The cutest clips of dogs frolicking in snow, all in one video.

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House Cat vs. Alligator

A confident New Orleans house cat attempts to do battle with an alligator.


Dogs Perform ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Some very talented doggies perform 'Little Drummer Boy' (with the help of Canadian band Walk off the Earth).


A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

A tongue is a terrible thing to waste.


Dog Adorably Cheats In Owner’s Intricate Snow Maze

A dog owner went through the trouble of creating an intricate snow maze for his dog, only to have the dog ignore all traditional maze protocol.


Jose Canseco Was Pulled Over With A Goat Wearing A Diaper In His Car

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco kept his strange Twitter ways going yesterday, as he posted a picture of a goat wearing a diaper in the back of his car.


Kittens vs. Doorstoppers Compilation

The best clips demonstrating the eternal struggle between kittens and doorstoppers, all in one video.


Dogs Acting Like Humans Compilation

The funniest and cutest clips of animals getting their human on, all in one video.


Escaping Dogs Compilation

An entire compilation of daring dogs making hilarious and creative getaways.


Cat Tries To Intercept Pass

Bridget the cat understands how defense works, but she has no idea how TV works.


Puppies Learning To Walk Compilation

The most adorable clips of puppies trying to walk for the very first time, all in one video.


Dogs vs. Sprinklers Compilation

The best clips of dogs attempting to achieve supremacy over domestic irrigation systems, all in one video.

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