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‘Tired Of Being Famous For A Mistake’, Chris Brown Will Now Take His Ball And Go Home (FINGERS CROSSED!)

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Chris Brown says he's "tired of being famous" and that his next album will be his last. Good riddance, dickhead.


Watch Justin Bieber Rub A Fans’ Phone All Over His Probably-Hairless Junk

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Justin Bieber is now turning against his own fans. In other news, Justin Bieber is a goddamn monster.

Justin Bieber

BIEBER MELTDOWN WATCH: Biebs Ripped Off His Shirt To Go Through Airport Security, Spit On His Neighbor

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Poutine-flavored pop tart Justin Bieber's circling of the drain shows no signs of letting up. Put on a Goddamn shirt, kid.

chris brown

What Awful Thing Did Chris Brown Do Today? He Compared Himself To Jesus On The Cross. Yes, He Really Did

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Just when you thought Chris Brown couldn't possibly get any worse, he goes and plays the Jesus on the cross card on us.

chris brown

Chris Brown Got A Neck Tattoo. Of The Face Of A Beaten Woman. Who Resembles Rihanna. NBD.

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Chris Brown to himself: "You know, that space on my neck could really use some filling in. I should get a tattoo of a beaten woman there!"


Chris Brown Has A New Pickup Line Sure To Make All The Ladies Melt

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Ladies, <a href="">prepare to moisten</a>.

chris brown

In Case You Were Wondering, Chris Brown Is Still The Absolute Worst

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An admission: I really go out of my way to avoid thinking about Chris Brown at all because merely thinking about Chris Brown is bad for the soul.

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