‘Deadpool’ May Be Gunning For A PG-13 Rating

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Deadpool will be slightly more family-friendly than you might expect from an amoral killing machine.

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Expendables 3′ Opens Terribly And It’s All Because Of PIRATES!

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Lots of people pirated The Expendables 3, otherwise it would've been a huge hit, according to studios.

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Here’s the three-boobed lady from Total Recall

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One of the biggest controversies surrounding Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake was whether it would include the three-boobed hooker like the original (yes, this is considered a controversy in the movie blog world.

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Total Recall has a synopsis. Still PG-13, still no mention of Mars

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Whenever I post anything about the upcoming Total Recall remake, people react as if Hollywood kidnapped their dog and shaved it, and I admit I don't totally disagree.

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