Be The Cool Dad With These Classic Phil Dunphy ‘Phil-osophies’ And Quotes

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Celebrate Emmy nominee Ty Burrell's birthday with his greatest words of wisdom and fatherly advice as Phil Dunphy on 'Modern Family.'


Real Life Phil Dunphy Steals The Show At Chicago White Sox Loss

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I swear I’ve seen this video of an overzealous Seattle Mariners fan breaking it down with his young daughters in an empty stadium before, but I think that my mind may have just finally boiled over from spending way too much time on YouTube over the last 10 years.


‘Modern Family’ Recut As A Horror Movie

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Despite not being quite as evolved or ambitious as Emmy voters would like you to believe, I'm not enough of a TV snob to think 'Modern Family' isn't good times television and worth slotting into your weekly viewing allotment, so it's nice to see a web savvy fan who clearly had no holiday plans recut some of the most memorable scenes from the show to give it the extended horror movie trailer treatment.


The Best Of #Phil Dunphy

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We'd don't give Modern Family a ton of love around these parts.

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