Phil Hartman’s Daughter Birgen Attended Last Night’s #SNL40

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The daughter of Phil Hartman, who was six when he died, brought the spirit of her father to the Anniversary special last night.

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‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1990s

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'SNL' saw a lot of star power pass through its hallowed halls in the 90s, but some just couldn't cut it.

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Why Has ‘Saturday Night Live’ Been So Bad At Sports Parody In Recent Years?

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Despite all of its glaring problems, 'Saturday Night Live' continues to suffer the most when it comes to executing strong sports satire.


All The Times You May Have Seen Or Heard Phil Hartman On TV As A Kid And Not Even Known It

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Phil Hartman starred and guest-starred in a SH*T TON of kids shows in the '80s and '90s. We've done our best to round them all up.

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The Most Star-Studded Episodes To Watch During FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

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Get your DVRs ready to record these episodes that feature some of the biggest stars to ever offer their voices to 'The Simpsons.'


Get Confident, Stupid! Then Check Out These 25 Amazing Troy McClure Movie Posters

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A delightful collection of posters based on Troy McClure movies and educational films.

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It's Crizzapy: 20 Reasons Why We Should Talk About 'NewsRadio' More

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A list of reasons why NBC's "NewsRadio," which aired from 1995-1999, is one of the best sitcoms ever, despite not getting the recognition it deserves.


Reminder: Phil Hartman Was Awesome

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It’s a needless effort to remind everyone how awesome Phil Hartman was, but if we don’t take the time to recognize his unparalleled genius on occasion, today’s kids may replace him in comedy’s history books with Kevin James and Nick Cannon.


Thirteen Years Later, We Still Miss You, Phil Hartman

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The first and only time I cried when I heard a celebrity died was on May 28, 1998, when news broke that actor Phil Hartman had been shot and murdered by his wife, who soon after shot herself, too (their two kids, nine-year-old Sean and six-year-old Birgen were in the house at the time).

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From the Vault: Hartman and Farley Host a Live Call-in Show

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Lately I've only been remembering the lousy things about the '90s: the atrocious fashion, post-grunge pop music, "Saved by the Bell," the Macarena, and so on.

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