Will Forte’s ‘Last Man On Earth’ Armored Suit Didn’t Adequately Protect His Balls

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On Thursday night, after the New York City screening of "The Last Man on Earth," we spoke to its star, Will Forte.


LEGO Movie Directors Lord And Miller May Direct An Asperger’s Rom-Com

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LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller may direct a film about a homonym for what your mom eats.

23 jump street

Sony Pictures Is Making ’23 Jump Street’ Because Money, Money, Money!

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Sony Pictures has given the green light for '23 Jump Street,' with or without Phil Lord and Chris Miller directing.


The ’22 Jump Street’ ‘Stand-Ins’ Trailer Is Pretty Great


Sony swapped out Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for their stand-ins in this alternate world trailer.


The Spoof Has Become Self-Aware! A ’22 Jump Street’ Review

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No matter how great your impressions are, how impeccable your timing, how clever your word play, one of, if not the hardest thing in comedy is knowing precisely what it is about you that's funny.


Lord And Miller Want To Do A ‘Clone High’ Movie. Yes, Please.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller may have the juice to revisit their obscure cartoon about historical clones in high school.


‘Ghostbusters 3′ Needs A Director Again, The World Is Back To Making Sense

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller won't direct 'Ghostbusters 3,' putting the project back into limbo where it thrives.

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LEGO Movie Directors Lord And Miller May Direct Ghostbusters 3

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Sony needs a miracle director for Ghostbusters 3, so they went to the guys who brought us Korean Jesus.


Jerry Seinfeld Thinks That ‘The LEGO Movie’ Stole A Joke From Him

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Jerry Seinfeld aired some grievances on Twitter and accused 'The LEGO Movie' of stealing his Superman/Green Lantern joke from 2004.


Check Out Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt in the Official Trailer For ‘The LEGO Movie’

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Chris Pratt leads an A-list team of voices in the official trailer for The LEGO Movie.


The Lego movie looks… surprisingly not terrible?

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When we first heard Warner Bros was making a Lego movie, we more or less assumed that it'd be getting the Smurfs/Yogi Bear/Chipmunks treatment, where they take a beloved children's property, render it in gross CGI, give it a Poochie the Dog makeover from the marketing department, and then watch the toys fly off the shelves as it rains cocaine.


REVIEW: 21 Jump Street

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21 Jump Street is this generation's Starsky and Hutch.

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