Here’s Why LeSean McCoy And Chip Kelly’s Marriage Was Doomed To Fail

By | 6 Comments

Shady didn't like white socks. Chip didn't like how he hit the hole.


REPORT: The Bills Are Trading For LeSean McCoy And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

By | 40 Comments

And just when you thought the NFL offseason was arrests and free agency in walks Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills with an absolute blockbuster of a trade.

Ed Rendell

Ed Rendell Called Out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie For Being A Dallas Cowboys Fan

By | 12 Comments

According to Ed Rendell, being a Cowboys fan from Jersey indicates a basic inferiority complex.


An Eagles Fan Had His Prosthetic Leg Stolen At Yesterday’s Game

By | 10 Comments

Is this the woman who stole a man's prosthetic leg before the Eagles game?


Darren Sproles Is Insanely More Entertaining When You Add Super Mario Bros. Music To His Highlights

By | 5 Comments

Darren Sproles is really fun to watch and here's a remix with some Super Mario Bros. music.

tip shaming

The Receipt From LeSean McCoy’s 20 Cent Tip Is On eBay For $1000

By | 7 Comments

Yes, there's another update in the LeSean McCoy tipping story. Someone's ponying up a lot of money.


LeSean McCoy Finally Weighs-In On Tip Debacle: ‘The 20 Cent Tip Was Kind Of A Statement’

By | 32 Comments

LeSean McCoy finally addressed the 20 cent tip and drops a haymaker on the restaurant.


Philly Bar Owner Goes All-In And Rips LeSean McCoy On Facebook For That 20 Cent Tip

By | 67 Comments

The owner of the bar where LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip has turned it up a notch, more or less calling McCoy a crappy human being.

PYT Burger

A Philadelphia Restaurant Is Tip-Shaming LeSean McCoy After He Tipped A Server 20 Cents

By | 84 Comments

A Philly restaurant learns a valuable lesson about tip-shaming a popular athlete.


Philadelphia Eagles Cut Star Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson As Gang Ties Speculation Loom

By | 33 Comments

Did off the field allegations affect his on the field employment with now former franchise?


The 13 Biggest NFL Free Agent Moves: A Sad Cowboys Fan Reacts

By | 30 Comments

Recapping the top deals by players and teams (all except Dallas).


Your NFL Recap, Week 17: Win-Or-Go-Home Sunday

By | 62 Comments

The last week before the second season is actually the last week for a few NFL teams.

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