Maybe He Should Go To XM And Host Raw Dog

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<a href="!/Jeff_McLane/status/120975969547853824">@Jeff_McLane</a>: #Eagles QB Michael Vick will no longer have a Monday radio show on WIP.


Michael Vick Injuries Predicted By Least Believable Psychic Ever

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The headline <a href="">"PSYCHIC UPDATE: He saw Vick injury coming"</a> conjures up images of a Zoltar-esque guy huddled over a crystal ball with SportsCenter playing inside it, or rolling his eyes back in his head as he chants and flips Panini Prestige like tarot cards.


Falcons 35, Dream Team 31: A Recap

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Last night, the mainstream sports media salivated for hours over Michael Vick’s return – again – to Atlanta to face his old team, the Falcons.


T.O.’s Bad Advice: DeSean Jackson Should Sit

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DeSean Jackson was drafted in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, the seventh wide receiver taken in the draft, and in July of that year he agreed to terms on a four-year contract with the team.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Michael Vick

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Yesterday, the above image was published by ESPN for the article, <a href="">“What if Michael Vick Were White?”</a> which appears in the Sept.


The Eagles Are Just Screwing With Us Now

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In a move that can only be described as “F*ck you, that’s how we roll,” the Philadelphia Eagles signed former New York Giants receiver Steve Smith to a one-year deal yesterday, just one day after Giants coach Tom Coughlin implied that it was going to take some more time for Smith to play again after his microfracture surgery and that the team would be waiting on him.


Mike Patterson Thinks 'Cool' Means 'Having Four-Minute Seizures'

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Philadelphia Eagles training camp should be the happiest place on Earth today, but it's hard to focus on being a welded-together <a href="">Dream Team who will be just as successful and beloved as the Miami Heat</a> when one of your defensive tackles suddenly collapses and convulses on the ground for four minutes.


Boycott Subway Until Happy Gilmore Gives Back His Gold Jacket

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and assumed "trunking" expert Michael Vick took home a BET Award for Sportsman of the Year on Sunday night, and because of this (and stay with me here, because this doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense) an <a href="">animal rights group will be boycotting Subway restaurants</a>.


Michael Vick Thinks Real Life is ‘The Longest Yard’

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Michael Vick wants the Philadelphia Eagles to sign Plaxico Burress.


The NFL’s Bravest Faces: Episode IV

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I receive a lot of emails from readers, happy or angry fans of this or that team, and mostly bill collectors who wonder why we don't write more about a sport, or why I hate on certain athletes so much, or why I won't pay my student loan, and I mostly ignore them because none of them are nice enough to include nude pics of their sisters.


Peyton’s Place

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Hey Cleveland, get ready for another excuse for why you never win anything: Browns running back Peyton Hillis is the <a href="">face of Madden NFL 12</a>.


Michael Vick Bailed On Oprah’s Show

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Oprah Winfrey is without a doubt the most powerful woman in the world, 1 million times stronger than a Voltron of Jewish mothers.


Michael Vick Heading To Oprah

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (as opposed to <a href="">South Carolina guitar instructor Michael Vick</a>) has agreed to appear on Oprah Winfrey's famed talk show, currently in what Winfrey has proclaimed will be its final season.


Mark Buehrle Wanted Michael Vick To Get Hurt

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Everyone knows Mark Buehrle and his wife love dogs.


Vick Gets Key To The City Of Dallas. Really


Michael Vick was given the key to the city of Dallas last week, which is fine as long as he isn't depriving that key of food and water to make it aggressive toward other keys.


Charles Barkley Has A Problem With Tucker Carlson

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Last week, Tucker Carlson’s spinning bowtie propelled him back into the news after he said that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick should have been executed for his role in a dog fighting ring.


Tucker Carlson Thinks Vick Should Die

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Fresh off the news that President Barack Obama called Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to commend him for giving Michael Vick a second chance, as well as Vick and Tom Brady leading the Pro Bowl voting, Fox News bowtie enthusiast Tucker Carlson gave his own opinions on the trials and tribulations of the Eagles QB last night when he filled in for the universally beloved gentleman scholar Sean Hannity on Hannity Live.

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