Your NFL Recap: Week 2


There were two things that were guaranteed coming into yesterday's matchup between the Eagles and the Chargers.


No Huddle: Suh’s Hefty Fine, Rob Ryan’s Act Of Kindness, Chip Kelly’s Not Impressed & More


They only play once every Thursday, Sunday or Monday, but the story lines created before, during and after games are more than enough to keep the NFL on America's consciousness throughout the week.


Michael Vick Is More Than Ready To Show Off The Eagles New Offense Tonight


The Michael Vick/Chip Kelly bromance goes on its first real date tonight on national television when the Eagles head to the DMV to face Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris and the Washington Redskins.


Look Out, Naked Weirdos: Philadelphia Eagles Security Is Practicing Streaker Drills

I know this kinda looks like somebody playing Electric Football, but it's actually Philadelphia Eagles security holding "streaker drills," to help them practice for those unexpected moments when dudes (or ladies) get brave and decide to storm the field.


Eagles LeSean McCoy Makes A Mess Of Panthers Defense With One Move


Thursday night during the Eagles' 14-9 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Lesean "Shady" McCoy ripped off a 21-yard-run proving he's more than ready for the regular 16-game-slate to commence.


Riley Cooper Will Jump That Fence And Fight Every [Slur For Taiwanese People] Here

If you haven't been following the Wonka-esque story of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every n*gger" at a Kenny Chesney concert, then being extremely sorry and "extremely hurt" (you know, because somebody caught it on video), here's the short version: he gon' get got.


Philadelphia Eagles To Retire Donovan McNabb’s Number


Leading a perennially-strong Philadelphia Eagles team for the better part of the 2000s, Donovan McNabb was a premier talent in the NFL.


‘The Instagram Rules For Men’ Is DeSean Jackson’s Magnum Opus


If you're like me, you have a problem with women, because women be trippin.


Here’s An Emotional Breakdown Of Oregon Ducks Fans Today Presented By Ralph Wiggum


Chances are you’ve probably already been buried by the news and Tweets that Chip Kelly is leaving the Oregon Ducks, despite previous claims that he would be staying with the program.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Sad Night For Nick Foles And Andy Dalton


In case you haven’t been following, I’ve had a bit of a fascination this NFL season with my theory of the Thursday Night Football Quarterback Curse.


With Leather Watch This: Are You Ready For Some Turnovers?


Our Man Burnsy's on the road today, so I'm handling the With Leather Watch This.

Washington Redskins

Your NFL Recap: Week 11


Fluke records are usually ironed out by week 11 in the NFL season.


Humble & Hungry: Dime’s 2012 NBA Rookie Journal With Dion Waiters, Vol. 2

After an outstanding sophomore season at Syracuse that had many analysts talking about him as one of the best guards in the country, Dion Waiters decided the time was right to test his talents and make the jump to the NBA.

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