Reality’s About To Hit Jimmy Rollins In The Face

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The Philadelphia Phillies were just ousted from the National League playoffs by the St.


Covering The Faces: The Emotion Of The Greatest Night In Baseball History

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The hyperbole has been intense over the past 12 hours or so since Evan Longoria barreled through his teammates to touch home plate last night.


Michael Vick Injuries Predicted By Least Believable Psychic Ever

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The headline <a href="">"PSYCHIC UPDATE: He saw Vick injury coming"</a> conjures up images of a Zoltar-esque guy huddled over a crystal ball with SportsCenter playing inside it, or rolling his eyes back in his head as he chants and flips Panini Prestige like tarot cards.


The Dugout: John Mayberry Wants To F**k A Mermaid

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Finally, a Pirates of the Caribbean Dugout that doesn't have to be about Pittsburgh.


Hey Guys: Jim Thome Could Return To Tribe

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In news that could make me the happiest blogger who also runs a Jim Thome-themed baseball webcomic on the entire Internet, Minnesota Twins designated hitter <a href="">Jim Thome was claimed on waivers</a> by the Cleveland Indians.


Tosh Point Ow

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I'm not sure where the line between "embarrassing yourself on the Internet" and "embarrassing yourself in real life and having people talk about it on the Internet" is drawn, but last night's episode of Tosh.


Galapagos Birds Nearing Extinction


The mistreatment of the planet by human beings is going to cause a mass extinction like the one that killed the dinosaurs, and it all starts with this Lehigh Valley IronPigs player hitting a foul ball into the neck of the Phillie Phanatic and sending him to the hospital.


Tori No Namae Wa Phillie Phanatic Desu


Check out this clip from FUJI TV that might as well be a scene from Excel Saga of Japan Sports Reporter Florent Dabadie (who is French, which is why he looks like he's from Monty Python and sounds like Borat) interviewing the Phillie Phanatic.


Philly Dot Com Sports Has Balls

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lol That's the real, actual headline from <a href="">today's Paul Hagen piece on</a> about what a fun and affable guy John Kruk was during his days in Philadelphia.


Baseball is Boring: I Read About All This Stuff On My Phone

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I promise that I want to get something up on the site today that isn't a weekend recap or a picture of Osama Bin Laden with OBAMA'D in big white letters at the bottom, but today is officially Did You Hear About Osama Day in America.


Now Roy Oswalt is Leaving Philadelphia For No Raisin!


Ace-ish pitcher Roy Oswalt has left the Philadelphia Phillies for personal reasons.


Baseball is Boring: Baseball Happened This Weekend

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After missing two consecutive Mondays due to an extended hospital stay, I've returned to cover the only thing more boring than potassium pills and intestinal blockage: Major League Baseball.


Skynet Is Real, Bow Down Now

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At 1:05 pm ET today, the Philadelphia Phillies will take the first step toward a future of human enslavement at the metal hands of our robot overlords.


Baseball is Boring: Weekend Update

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Baseball has been a bit undersold at With Leather, so I've decided to take a break from nonstop webcomics and professional wrestling to remedy the problem.


This Week In Charles Barkley


NBA Hall-Of-Famer and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley has opinions on stuff, and even when he's wrong, he's a fascinating listen.

Free Agency

Cliff Lee Spits On The Yankees, Becomes My New Hero

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One of the biggest fish in MLB free agency was finally reeled in last night; former Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for five years and either $100 million or $120 million, depending on who you're asking.


Jayson Werth Just Got Paid

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PHILLIES UPDATE: Philadelphia is reportedly the front runner in a bidding war that includes the Kansas City Royals for Jeff Francouer.


Fresno State’s Fans Have Huge Balls

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On Saturday, the Fresno State Bulldogs lost a 35-34 heartbreaker to the Nevada Wolf Pack at home as the entire nation watched to see which team would elevate itself to permanent glory.


NLCS Live-Blogged By Your Federal Tax Dollars

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I think even the pinkos and evangelicals alike can agree that cable companies are the spawn of Satan, and I bring you further evidence of that.


Roy Halladay Is Good At Baseball

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The Philadelphia Phillies put together a strong opening to their postseason; they scored four runs in the first two innings against a young Cincinnati Reds team.

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