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Watch World War Z shooting live in real-time

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I don't know why you'd want to do this, but I've seen enough Brazilian fart fetish porno to know that there's no accounting for taste, so I'm here to report, for any interested parties, that you can watch the shooting of Brad Pitt's World War Z movie (which is kind of based on the book <a href="" target="_blank">but not really)</a> today via the <a href="" target="_blank">Glasgow City Council's helpful webcams</a>.


Links: Happy Post-Trade Deadline Monday

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Why I'm Happy: The Cleveland Indians are going to compete.


Shut Up, Glass Face

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There are a few types of stories I try not to miss -- baseball players in drag, pets who have miraculously found their way home after natural disasters -- but the best story of all is the one where a Philadelphia sports fan is acting like a butthole and gets hit or shocked or shot with something.


Galapagos Birds Nearing Extinction


The mistreatment of the planet by human beings is going to cause a mass extinction like the one that killed the dinosaurs, and it all starts with this Lehigh Valley IronPigs player hitting a foul ball into the neck of the Phillie Phanatic and sending him to the hospital.


Philly Dot Com Sports Has Balls

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lol That's the real, actual headline from <a href="">today's Paul Hagen piece on</a> about what a fun and affable guy John Kruk was during his days in Philadelphia.


Video supercut: The Greatest Movie Sandwiches

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Some wise <a href="">YouTube user</a> recently put together this mash-up of The Greatest Movie Sandwiches, and I don't mind telling you that the execution is as spot-on as the premise.


Detroit Will Pay You To Take A House. The Catch? The House Is In Detroit.


News in the house Detroit Mayor Dave Bing -- who recently <a href="">tweeted</a> that there won't be a RoboCop statue in Detroit, only to see people <a href="">raise the funds</a> for it anyway -- has come up with a better tactic to lure people back to the city.


Site News: We’re Going To Philly Dec. 18

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Those of you that have been to <a href="">the Blogs With Balls events</a> have probably thought, "Yeah, these panels are great, but I wish I could just get silly without having to pay attention to all of these <a href="">panels</a>.


Has Four Loko Opened Pandora’s Box?

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Last week, I used my Woodstein and Bernward journalistic prowess to gather the latest news on the <a href="">fascinating Four Loko craze</a> that was gripping the nation.


Sports Bar In Philly Doesn’t Care About Black People

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Hey, remember <a href="">that sports bar in Philadelphia where that kid was killed last summer</a>.


Pay For The Sex, Stay For The News

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They call it the world’s oldest profession - prostitution.

Bored? Cyber-Shock Philadelphia Hooligan Fans!

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From the brilliant minds at TAUNTR comes this <a href="">very entertaining way</a> to spend half an hour of your life as you run around as a Philadelphia security guard armed with a taser attempting to quell unruly fans bent on proving that they have the civil disobedience ability of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or a bitchy sorceress with an unshakeable yeast infection.



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Here's the "inappropriate soundtracks" edition of Philadelphia.

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