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Surprise, Surprise: Hundreds Of Phish Fans Were Arrested At The Band’s NYE Show

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If you were at Phish's NYE concert in Manhattan, you might be reading this in jail.

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42 People Were Arrested At The Atlantic City Phish Concerts And You’ll Never Guess Why

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Atlantic City police arrested as many as 42 Phish fans during their three shows last week, recovering plenty of drugs in the process.


Here’s A Photo Of 92-Year-Old Abe Vigoda Dressed As A Wombat At A Phish Show

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Good for Abe Vigoda for not being dead...and for dancing at a Phish show dressed as a wombat.

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Justin Bieber Is A Huge Phish Fan


This makes too much sense, and I do not await hearing all about the latest JB single from a 13-year-old girl in dreadlocks.

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