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Phoenix Jones Has Disbanded His Superhero League, As Rex Velvet Rejoices

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Phoenix Jones has ended his league of Seattle superheroes, revealing that it was a terrible idea to invite random people to fight crime.


Bad News, Seattle Criminals And Violent Bros: Phoenix Jones Is Recruiting

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As a mixed martial arts fighter, Ben Fodor knows a thing or two about being invincible, what with his whole 11-0 career record.

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Here’s Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocking A Racist Out

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For once, superheroism is in the real world. And it's amazing.


"Real-Life Superhero" Phoenix Jones spawns "Real-Life Supervillain" Rex Velvet

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We first met Seattle's "real-life superhero" Phoenix Jones last October when he tried towho's also known as amateur MMA fighter Ben Fodor, had a story that paralleled HBO's documentary, Superheroes, about similar, self-appointed superheroes.


Follow-Up: Real-life superhero fired from his job teaching disabled kids

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(pic via <a href="" target="_blank">Fightlinker</a>) Remember a few weeks ago when I brought you <a href="" target="_blank">the story of Phoenix Jones</a> (aka amateur MMA fighter Ben Fodor), one of those "real-life superhero" types from Seattle, who'd been arrested for pepper-spraying people and charged with assault.

Phoenix Jones

Real-life superhero arrested for breaking up Juggalo fight

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One of the most memorable of this summer's HBO documentary series was <a href="" target="_blank">Superheroes</a>, which followed a number of different self-appointed, costumed crime fighters (all varying levels of delusional) as they went about their nightly business.

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