When Charles Barkley Realized Michael Jordan Was The Better Player

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<a href=""> "If you ain't first, you're last." Long before said manifesto came to define Talladega Nights, my ninth grade history teacher ironically preached the same premise. Second place is never celebrated and playing to win is the only way to approach any obstacle in life, especially sports. The NBA, the one league where an individual megastar can turn the tides of a franchise, has become known equally as much for those who have reached the mountaintop as those who never capped off their career with the label of "champion." The record books speak volumes on the difficulty of achieving the feat. Throughout the past 30 years, <a href="">only eight teams</a> have captured the Larry O'Brien Trophy.


Charles Barkley Confirms Dan Majerle was the Gay John Stockton

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Well, not in so many words, but of all the people in our God forsaken world to speak on the current wave of former and current NBA players and executives coming out as gay adults, it is Charles Barkley who speaks most rationally.

the gays

NBA Round-Up: Rick Welts Is Out


Haha, no I don't mean that Rick Welts has been fired, sillies.


Steve Nash Got A Lap Dance…From Nicki Minaj

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There's really nothing to add here, except for the fact that Steve Nash is luckier than most of us would ever be.


Jason Richardson Is A Great Teammate

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Back in December, when the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns completed a trade involving 6 players, Steve Nash Tweeted that he was sad to see Earl Clark go.


Blake Griffin Dunks, Marcin Gortat Donates Body To Science

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<a href=""> "That's what you call winnin'? A n*gga's nuts in yo' face? Man, I hate to see what you call losing." - <a href="">Riley</a> From experience, when life flashes before your eyes, time slows down to a virtual halt.


Sunday Afternoon Hoops: Magic Vs. Suns

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<a href=""> This Sunday, a day ritually reserved for football, belonged to basketball. The TV scheduled proved such. 1. The two powerhouses of the ACC, Duke and North Carolina, ran into each other again. This time with the conference title on the line. Again. 2. The revealing of the brackets and the subsequent arguments about teams who were snubbed. 3. <a href="">The "Fab 5" documentary</a> on ESPN, which, might I say, more than lived up to its billing.


Video: The Boy Who Became The Human Basketball

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<a href=""> Blake Griffin, eat your heart out. As exciting as the "Top 3 Clipper" has been above the rim in his breakout rookie season, it's unlikely he'll be able to top this accidental phenomenon that looked like something out of a video game. For those fans that typically hit the nacho stand when the freaks and mascots hit the court, you missed out on something special as a Phoenix Sun performer---who just happened to be a kid---saw nylon flash before his eyes and miraculously walked away without any rimburn. Tricks are for kids silly rabbit. Indeed they are. Spotted @ <a href="">Yahoo</a>.


Gilbert Arenas Traded As Orlando Magic Fires The Infantry

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It has often been said after the dismissal of a prominent head coach that "You can't fire the infantry.


Gilbert Arenas Travels Lightly

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<a href=""> The <a href="">Orlando Magic</a> were in the unfavorable situation of suffering a losing streak while two of their main rivals in Boston & Miami are in the midst of ripping off double digit win streaks of their own.


Best Of Luck, Mustached Americans

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The American Mustache Institute has announced its list of 19 finalists for this year’s Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year.


Countdown To Tip Off: 5 NBA Games To Watch This Season

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<a href="http://"> Forget the very real possibility of a NBA lockout for the moment. <a href="">David Stern</a> has been using this offseason to make sure he keeps his league <a href="">in the news</a>.


“Say Queensbridge.”

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<a href=""> The Lakers-Suns game from last night made great sports entertainment. Mounting leads, amazing comebacks. <a href="">Kobe's</a> continued efficiency, Nash's gritty resiliency.


Steve Nash Did ‘Space Ghost’…Sorta

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Steve Nash did this ad for a certain sports drink company which looks a lot like "Space Ghost: Coast To Coast," which was a funny concept back in its day.


Steve Nash Is One Bad…Shut Yo Mouth!

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2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash has a chance to get his team even with the Lakers tonight in Phoenix.


When Taking A Charge Almost Went Wrong

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<a href=""> It is already bad enough networks still continue to show <a href="">LeBron's block on Jason Richardson's failed 360 dunk</a> from last season.


TSS 2010 NBA Playoff Preview: Western Conference Finals – Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Phoenix Suns

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<a href=""> Brace yourself, there's about to be a shootout in the cities of Los Angeles and Phoenix. The Lakers and Suns have met a total of <a href="">11 times</a> in the playoffs with the Lakeshow winning seven.


Los Suns Oppose Arizona’s SB 1070 Law

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<a href=""> These are the kinds of things that should be highlighted in sports. In a bold move of support against Arizona's SB 1970, the <a href="">Phoenix Suns will wear their "Los Suns" jerseys</a> on Wednesday (coincidentally it's Cinco De Mayo too) for Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals, according to Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver.


TSS 2010 NBA Playoff Preview: Western Conference Semi-Finals – Phoenix Suns Vs. San Antonio Spurs

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<a href=""> On the surface, calling the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns history a "rivarly" may not be accurate. The Spurs have clipped the Suns four times in the past five seasons. But while it may not be a "rivalry" in the literal sense, bad blood most definitely remains. Losing to a team multiple times over multiple years fosters and helps build that sense of resentment. The lasting image of Robert Horry <a href="">shoulder-checking Steve Nash</a> into the announcers table is one of the more memorable and infamous events in playoff history.


TSS 2010 NBA Playoff Preview: The First Round – Part Two

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We're back again with the second part of first round preview.  Hopefully today's games will follow the lead of the later games yesterday and provide a great game from start to finish.  Check below for our thoughts on how we see things [...].

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