Notable Quotable – Dice Raw On “One Time”

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"I wonder when you die do you hear harps and bagpipes If you born on the other side of the crack pipe Niggas learn math just to understand the crack price Then dive in head first like a jack knife Cause out here, yo you niggas can’t belly flop If you wanna make the noise inside your belly stop One time means being on the front line Being on the front line means ducking one time The pendulum swinging my way Couldn’t be more blind Niggas talk to the cops.


12.5 The Cooler

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Herman Cain’s Most Embarrassing Gaffes [News One] Facebooking Juror Kicked Off Murder Trial [MSNBC] Twitteranti Starring Phonte [GFM] Woman Sues Khloe Kardashian for Supposed Assault [Yahoo] Man Jailed After Trying to Rob Closed Bank [Blippitt] Sleigh Bells Tease 'Heavy' Sophomore Album [Billboard] Verizon Strikes Cable Deal [...].


The Roots Feat. Phonte & Dice Raw – “One Time”

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I refuse to listen to anything undun more than once, if that much.


On Drake, Phonte & The Fear Of Getting Murdered On Your Own Sh*t

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In this month's issue of The Source, cover boy Drake dished out his top five albums of all time.


“Dance In The Reign” – Review Of Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home

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Maturity and Hip-Hop go hand in hand like a hobo and an almond-shaped bar of Olay yet Phonte Coleman has made an earnest living from being that guy you revere as a professional artist--and turn around and get chummy with at your local pub.


Notable Quotable – Phonte’s “Who Loves You More”

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"My cousin hit me up and said he had to post bail again 'Cuz my brother back in jail again Back in that slave ship 'cuz he tried to sell again And all that's going through my mind is 'how the f*ck am I failing him.


Phonte Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Evidence – “The Life Of Kings”

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Before the receipt is being printed for your purchase of Phonte's Charity Starts At Home next Tuesday, two thirds of Little Brother link up to drop one last leak.


Phonte – “The Good Fight” (Prod. By 9th Wonder)

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"If you thinkin' bout quitting you should probably wait/Cause everybody gotta do a f*ckin' job that they hate.


Phonte Feat. eLZhi – “Not Here Anymore” (Prod. By 9th Wonder)

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"But what's the deal with you and 9th on a solo.


Eric Roberson Feat. Phonte – “Picture Perfect”


Maybe one day you'll meet that perfect someone.


Trackademicks Feat. Freddie Gibbs, Phonte & 1-O.A.K. – “Chill”

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Producer Trackademicks has been putting it down all year and he's continuing the campaign with the release of Fresh Coastin', a full length project with original creations by the East Bay Area soundman.


9th Wonder Is Ready To Live Out “The Wonder Years” With New LP

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The 9th Wonder of the world has recently been taking heat for his opinions regarding Watch The Throne's quality but come September 27th, 2011, the producer will have the opportunity to prove he can do much better.


Zo! – …Just Visiting Three

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Before Weezy tape dropped, Zo!'s Just Visiting Three was going to be my listening focus today and I think I'm going to stick with it.

Vitamin D

9th Wonder & Jamla Records Present Rapsody – Thank H.E.R. Now Mixtape

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The B-Girl's back but don't expect any simplistic rhyme cadences from Rapsody.

W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)

Pharoahe Monch Feat. Styles P & Phonte – “Black Hand Side” Video

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Director Terrence Nance brings the empowering words of Pharoahe, Styles P and Phonte to life with the video for "Black Hand Side.


Focus Feat. Phonte – “Uh!”

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If you're unfamiliar with who Focus is, it's probably because you haven't bought an album in order to read liner notes in the past few years.

Wiz Khalifa

Mac Miller – Best Day Ever Mixtape

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Mac Miller's title for his latest mixtape, Best Day Ever, could qualify as understatement of the year because this Pittsburgh native has been having a best day every day for the better part of seven months now.

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