Miss Israel Took A Selfie Next To Miss Lebanon And Possibly Caused An International Incident

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Is this photo of Miss Universe contestants from Israel and Lebanon going to cause trouble between nations?


Meet The Guy Who Photoshops Himself Into Stock Photos With Hilarious Results

By | 3 Comments

By inserting himself into stock photos, this man single-handedly changes the story of each picture.


Mitch McConnell’s Voting Booth Photobomber Is The Real Winner Of The Midterm Elections

By | 11 Comments

This random guy giving Kentucky's Mitch McConnell a thumbs down in the voting booth has become a midterm elections star.


Oh Nothing, Just The Queen Photobombing A Selfie At The Commonwealth Games

By | 8 Comments

The stars of the Commonwealth Games are two Australian field hockey players who snapped an unbelievable selfie with the Queen behind them.

#dave grohl

This Guy Passed Out And Missed His Chance To Meet Dave Grohl And John Paul Jones

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This is probably the most tame thing that could happen when you pass out around a bunch of rock stars.

#jimmy fallon

Here’s Jimmy Fallon And Cameron Diaz Photobombing Helpless Tourists On Top Of Rockefeller Center

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Jimmy Fallon drags Cameron Diaz to the top of Rockefeller Center to photobomb some more unsuspecting tourist memories.

Scarf Douche

Scarf-Wearing Hipster Decides To Mug For The Camera During A Mall Shooting Press Conference

By | 21 Comments

This upstanding gentleman decided that the press conference for the Columbia, MD mall shooting was the best time to charm for the camera.


The Greatest Animal Photobombs Of 2013


It was quite a year for animal photobombs. Here are the best.

#LeBron James

Dwyane Wade Out Boshed Chris Bosh With A Videobombing Cartwheel


Dwyane Wade has risen up and dethroned Chris Bosh as the king of Miami Heat video photobombing with a cartwheel during a LeBron James interview.

zach braff

Is This Photobomb By Zach Braff The Best Celebrity Photobomb Of All-Time?

By | 12 Comments

With apologies to Kevin Spacey, Amy Poehler and other renowned celebrity photobombers, we think this may be the best celebrity photobomb ever.

steven spielberg

George Clooney Photobombed Steven Spielberg And Jerry Seinfeld At Some Event

By | 4 Comments

This one’s a little old, but it’s just too adorable not to kick off our week with.


Awkward Man Will Photobomb All Your Most Precious Moments

By | 8 Comments

A very awkward dad very awkwardly photobombs a touching proposal at Disney.


Here’s An Amazing GIF Of Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker At The Met Gala

By | 19 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence proved yet again why she's amazing: she photobombed the hell out of Sarah Jessica Parker.


Does Kevin Spacey Now Belong In This Pantheon Of Celebrity Photobombers?

By | 6 Comments

Time will only tell if Mr. Spacey is in or out, but here's the company he's looking to keep.


Kevin Spacey Will Gladly Take A Break From Jogging In A Park To Photobomb You

By | 3 Comments

Kevin Spacey took a break from jogging in a Boston park to photobomb and young lady. Kevin Spacey is kind of awesome.


Kevin Spacey Photobombs Lady In Attempt to Become the New Bill Murray

By | 7 Comments

In a move that can only be described as Bill Murray-esque, Kevin Spacey, who was in Boston to visit victims of the marathon bombing before beginning production on season two of House of Cards, came out of nowhere to Photobomb this girl while she was taking pictures in Public Garden.

uproxx video

Uproxx Video: On Location, with Gerald Staniggan (a location scout for porno)


For your latest Uproxx Video, we hear from adult film location scout Gerald Staniggan.


Bruce Willis Photobombed Kate Upton And The Swimsuit Issue Cover From A Kayak

By | 16 Comments

Just your typical Bruce Willis story involving Antarctic vacation homes, water sports, and Kate Upton.


Did Bill Clinton Photobomb Kelly Clarkson Or Was He Checking Out Her Butt?

By | 27 Comments

Did Bill Clinton photobomb Kelly Clarkson or was he sneaking a peak at her ass? We're on it!

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