This Photographer Uses An iPhone To Insert TV And Film Scenes Into Real-Life Scenarios

Francois Dourlen is a 32-year-old French photographer who has created some breathtaking photos juxtaposing fiction with reality.

1 world trade center

Watch The Construction Of 1 World Trade Center In A Convenient Time-Lapse Video


Photographer Benjamin Rosamond took advantage of his great New York City view by recording the daily construction of 1 World Trade Center.


Here Are The Photos Tiny Diva Ariana Grande Doesn’t Want You To See


For such a small person, Ariana Grande has a huge list of demands.


This Guy Made A Documentary About How To Sneak Into Music Festivals


Want to know how to sneak into Coachella? Maybe this doc will help.


A Photographer Recorded One Second From His Life Each Day In 2013. This Is The Result.


Kent Frost is a photographer based in Springfield, Mo. In 2013 he recorded one second of each day and used the footage to compile this lovely compilation video.


Photographer Noah Kalina Updates His 12 1/2 Year Photo-A-Day Project


Starting January 11, 2000 all the way through June 30, 2012, photographer Noah Kalina took a daily photo of himself. This is the result.


Maddie The Coonhound Is A Superstar In The Making

I have a dream that one day an alien species will visit me in the middle of the night, and hopefully instead of trying to insert tracking devices into my tailpipe they will offer me the magical or technological ability to know any time something about an awesome dog or cat is uploaded to the Internet.

voodoo fest

Odd Future Members Attack Photographers During Performance At Voodoo Fest In New Orleans


Okay, I get that Tyler, the Creator and his crew are "punk" and are thus prone to do outrageous things just to troll us all, but I think they're beginning to cross the line into dudes-who-need-butt-kickings territory: at a performance last night at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, the Odd Future boys attacked the photographers taking pic of their show, even slapping one female photographer so hard that she was knocked to the ground.


Week In Review: We Can Dance If We Want To

I like to think that one day, while on the brink of complete global nuclear annihilation, the leaders of the world’s mega powers, with their fingers firmly set on pressing their big red buttons, will be in the ultimate standoff, staring each other down via huge monitors in underground bunkers.

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