You Won’t Believe This Model’s Terrifying Transformation Into A ‘Real Life’ Marge Simpson

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'The Simpsons' has been connected to a lot of weird stuff over the years, but this seems to take the cake.


A San Francisco Photographer Is Taking On The City's Rent Problem With His Camera

By | 6 Comments

In a new photo essay, photographer Scot Hampton is addressing San Francisco's ridiculous rent prices by putting For Rent signs on random objects.

Chino Otsuka

Check Out These Amazing Images Of A Time Traveling Photographer That Will Wrinkle Your Brain

By | 9 Comments

Chino Otsuka is the time traveling photographer that spliced herself into her own childhood in this amazing photo series.


New Study Finds That Instagram Users Tend To Like Photographs That Are Not So Great

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Instagram users like it when their pictures are badly taken outside. Seriously.

caroline bryan

Luke Bryan’s Wife And A Playboy Playmate Trashed A Wedding Dress Southern Style


Country star Luke Bryan's wife Caroline and Playboy Playmate Tiffany Fallon trashed a wedding dress Southern style for a photo shoot.


These Photos Of Models Wearing Nothing But Milk Are Real And They’re Spectacular

By | 22 Comments

London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz created these images of pin-up models wearing nothing but milk using no illustration, CGI, or Photoshop.

How To Re-Create 'Breaking Bad' Scenes With Photography During A Tour Of Albuquerque

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This just screams "perfect Friday afternoon before Labor Day when Breaking Bad is the only new show this weekend."


Wedding Photographer’s Quadcopter Drills Groom In The Face


A wedding photographer's quadcopter -- armed with a GoPro camera -- flies right into the side of the groom's head.

annoying behaviors explained

Posting Photos Of Your Food To Instagram Makes It Tastier, Says Science


Pulling out your phone and uploading a picture of your food to Instagram is annoying... but science knows why you do it.


Watch A Photographer Trick You Into Thinking That One Image Is Actually Four


The cover photo for VLP's album Terrain only seems mundane and cluttered at first. It's really a stunning optical illusion.


Meet The Woman Responsible For Saturday Night Live’s Celebrity Host Photographs

By | 5 Comments

In a 2011 interview with Plum TV, photographer Mary-Ellen Matthews discusses what goes into photographing Saturday Night Live's celebrity hosts.


Instagram: You’re Doing it Wrong


NYC filmmaker Casey Neistat loves Instagram a lot, and he wants to make sure you don't ruin it.


The Instagram Song (Put A Filter On Me)


A sweet indie jam about the popular photography app -- and the people who use it.


Photographer Noah Kalina Updates His 12 1/2 Year Photo-A-Day Project

By | 3 Comments

Starting January 11, 2000 all the way through June 30, 2012, photographer Noah Kalina took a daily photo of himself. This is the result.


Gutsy Photographer Nearly Killed By Racecar


Some people will do anything for a good shot.

Mayeul Akpovi

‘Paris In Motion’ Presents One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities Beautifully


Hey do you like cool time lapse web videos? Do you also like Paris? Well I think you might like this video!

apps you need to stop using

iPhone Instagram Users Cry About Android Users In Their Feed

By | 9 Comments

Look, we're not <a href="">the biggest fans</a> of <a href="">Instagram</a> around here.

apps you need to stop using

Instagram To Come to Android, Hipsters To Whine About It Going Mainstream


<a href=""></a>We could be polite about this, but why bother.

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